Soundskins Vs Dynamat – Which One is the Best?

Soundskins Vs Dynamat Battle! Do they really work and which is the best?

Up until recently, dynamat had dominated the world of automotive soundproofing. Car enthusiasts know that dynamat products are arguably second to none.

But then, another product – the soundskins emerged on the market. Similarly, soundskins supply the sound deadening products that help to keep the interior of a car quiet.

Today, there is a fair debate around soundskins vs dynamat regarding which is the best.

Despite the experience that Dynamat brings on the scene, your human part still finds it hard to handpick it right away with soundskins around.

I agree that both products have awesome features for soundproofing. In the same regard, both also come with disadvantages.

Nevertheless, in this article, I review each of the products in-depth to help you have a conclusive choice.  And hopefully end the debate.

Soundskins Vs Dynamat Overview.

1.   Soundskins Overview.

Soundskins was established in 2015 which means that it’s a recent company and brand. Soundskins is grinding out some of the most genuine sound-deadening products for vehicle acoustics.Soundskins Overview

The soundskins products are available in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, France, and New Zealand among other countries.

This product combines high-quality foam and butyl in its structure. These two ingredients make it highly waterproof and heat resistant.

In addition, the foam and butyl increase its noise-absorption capabilities thereby providing a good stereo sound experience inside your vehicle. Soundskins is also coated with a high-quality adhesive.

There are two main products with Soundskins i.e. Lite and Pro.

Here are quick features of the soundskins products

  • High noise-absorption
  • Acoustic foam layer lined on the butyl and foil
  • Uses denser foam for improved elimination of echo and vibrations
  • Comes with high-strength adhesive
  • Durable products
  • No glue is required during installation
  • There is heat insulation too
  • The product comes in 11 square feet size
  • It’s affordable
  • The products are 100% waterproof

Here is the soundskins product range in a flush:

  • Soundskins Lite Mega Kit (covers 4 doors, that is 44 sq. ft.)
  • SoundSkins Rings Speaker Enhancer  Kit (covers one pair of speakers)
  • SoundSkins Pro Mega Kit (covers 4 doors which are 44 sq. ft.)
  • SoundSkins Lite Door Kit 9(Covers 1 door, 11 sq. ft.)
  • SoundSkins Pro Door Kit (Check price On Amazon) (covers 1 door, 11 sq. ft.)

All these products can be ordered at the online marketplace such as Amazon.

2.   Dynamat Review

Dynamat is the old lady in the car soundproofing industry. The Dynamat brand was founded in 1986 – quite a long time ago and therefore the company comes with immense experience and reliability when it comes to creating sound deadening products.Soundskins Vs Dynamat

The company was established in Hamilton, Ohio. And its products can now be accessed in over 50 different countries across the globe.

Of course, Dynamat can be bought on large scale retailers such as Best Buy, Pep Boys or online in marketplaces such as Amazon.

The brand is known for its high-quality products. The dynamat products are very effective in preventing unwanted noises and vibrations both in cars, and other vehicles including homes.

Because the brand manufactures a wide range of products, many car enthusiasts have remained attached to it. And what this means also is that the many products offered to give you the liberty to buy what fits the budget you have.

Here are the features of Dynamat products:

  • It comes with a wide range of products easy for making a choice
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof products
  • Anti-fire properties
  • Has been on the scene for many years
  • Great road noise dampener
  • Absorbs echoes, reverbs and vibrations
  • There are odd chemical smells
  • The product has a protective coating of Aluminum
  • Long-lasting material
  • Can be used for different purposes

The following are Dynamat Products:

1.     Dynamat Xtreme

 Dynamat Xtreme (Check price On Amazon)  is perhaps the most popular product that Dynamat has ever made. It is made of a super-thin, sticky butyl rubber combined with aluminum alloy skin which is formulated vis-a-vis the Vector Chemistry process.

This process makes the product very efficient at sound dampening. Cutting through the Dynamat Xtreme is effortless.

While the installation of this product is pretty easy. The sticky butyl rubber and the denser aluminum combination easily stretch and contour during installation than most of the products on the market.

Therefore, the product doesn’t tear and still conforms to surfaces and sticks to them. You don’t have to prepare the surface before the application of Dynamat Xtreme.

Yet the product will stick and stay in place and without leaving any odor or dripping material. This is the efficiency with which this product works.

Dynamat Xtreme comes in different product sizes including the speaker kit, door kit, trunk kit, hex pack, bulk pack, and mega pack. All these product packs vary in their sizes.

2.     Dynamat SuperLite

The Dynamat SuperLite (Check price On Amazon) is known to be extremely efficient in stopping road noise and vibration inside the car. While it uses the same sticky butyl rubber like the Dynamat Xtreme, SuperLite is 30% thinner and light-weighted.

So, if you don’t want to add lots of weight to your car, this is probably the better product. Keep in mind is still provides a great level of sound deadening.

Dynamat SuperLite is not as effective as Dynamat Xtreme. But taking nothing away from this product, it provides almost an equal amount of protection, doing better than what other brands do.

You will cut it quite simply and its installation is also fairly easy. That’s whether you want to cover the entire vehicle or just specific problem areas.

The good thing about this product is that it is also easy to secure on the interior car surfaces. You don’t have to do any special surface preparation – use it safely on the doors, floors, hoods, trunks, etc.

You can get this product in two different sizes: Tri-pak 12 sq. ft. which is 3 sheets of 18”x32” and the Bulk Pak 48 sq. ft. 12 sheets of 18”x32”.

3.     Dynaliner

Dynaliner (Check price On Amazon) is used alongside the Dynamat Xtreme on top. Its design combines a soft, self-adhesive closed cell rubber that comes packed with thousands of cells that are close to each other.

This definitely explains why they are some of the best thermal and sound insulators in the market. With such a structure, Dynaliner can reduce heat excellently and at the same time, both water and oil cannot get through its footprint.

It’s a durable product and doesn’t tear that easily. Which means that using this product would make sure that your car is protected for a long time.

You can use the Dynaliner for insulation on the roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors, and even the hood.

This specialty product can be found in 1/8”, 1/4” and ½ inches thicknesses. This offers just the desired spectrum to choose what fits your bill.

4.     Dynapad

Dynapad (Check price On Amazon) is not your lightweight partner. It’s heavy in structure and design but the perfect under carpet padding you need for reducing both thermal and noise problems within your car.

The design of this product includes four composite layers that make it effective to stop exhaust system heat and low-frequency noise. Dynapad consists of a heavy-duty vinyl barrier which is sandwiched in two soundproofing foam layers and then it’s covered on top with an oil and water-resistant coating.

To have the highest audio quality inside of your car, Dynapad is what you need. Which is why this product is considered to be the savior in extreme sound and heat problems.

Installing the product is quite easy and straightforward. It doesn’t come with an adhesive.

Use the Dynapad on floors, rear deck, trunk, etc.

5.     Hoodliner

If the source of your noise is mainly the engine compartment or the automotive hoods, the Dynamat hoodliner (Check price On Amazon)  is the right soundproofing product.

The product is made from acoustic foam bonded to aluminum alloy skin. It comes as a great product that reflects away heat and sound.

It’s water and oil resistant while it’s easy to clean.

6.     DynaPlate and other Accessories

DynaPlate (Check price On Amazon)  comes as the best Dynamat product that’s used to seal the gaps in the structure of your car. It’s a solid thin, strong and lightweight sound deadener that has self-adhesive properties and is handy for bridging any spaces existing in the car body panels.

The following accessories are great to keep the job rightly done: dynamat professional heavy-duty roller, Switch-A-Blade, Dynatape, and Gloves.

Comparison: SoundSkins vs Dynamat

Just a quick review of some common features that these products have:

  • Both reduce sound up to a great extent
  • Both have an aluminum coating
  • Both are water and heatproof
  Dynamat Soundskins
Established 1989 2015
Variety of Products Wide range of different products Just two product types
Ease of Installation Not hard but a bit complicated The easier ones to install
Product Size Has better dimensions Mostly small-sized products
Thickness/Density 0.069” thick, 15 pounds 0.059” thick, 7.7 pounds
Price Dynamat price here Soundskins price here


Final Words

Up to that point, you can evidently see what both products can do. Both are as effective as you expect them to be.

In case you have an automotive soundproofing project, options are diverse. Again, they are more than capable to deliver exactly the kind of results you desire.

And about the debate soundskins vs Dynamat ; so, what is the best product?

Well, I would say while the two promise a solid, quiet car interior environment, Dynamat is slightly above the soundskins sound deadener. For reasons well known – product range and price, effectiveness and experience.

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