What Are Sound Proof Sliding Glass Doors and How to Soundproof One.

What Are Sound Proof Sliding Glass Doors and How to Soundproof One.Soundproof sliding glass doors are some of the most elegant doors you want to have installed in your home. They are simply appealing to the eye and can make one look like they live in the castle.

These doors allow the family to stay inside the house and yet have a beautiful view of the outside. So you can enjoy the picturesqueness of your compound and garden.

And all these fun is experienced while noise is significantly reduced. Just like the soundproof windows, these doors can do a really great job soundproofing. They are exquisite barriers when it comes to sound blocking.

These doors work the same way as the soundproof windows. However, they are not easy to soundproof – it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that.

The sliding glass doors have the biggest problem of letting in noise. They are thin and therefore ship in a lot of noise. Yet soundproofing them is not easy.

The soundproof glass doors come with great noise-canceling benefits. You will be marveled how effective these doors can be in quietening your home interior. And it’s not just that, these doors offer great security to your home.

What Are Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors.

These are doors that are used as soundproofing structures. They are usually installed or added to the current glass door to provide a second layer of insulation.

This construction effectively cuts down the amount of noise that enters your home. To be precise, 75% noise-reduction.

And this doesn’t end at that alone – these doors can offer tight security. More so if you are a target by burglars and thieves. Their design integrates a laminated glass that comes with strength and sturdiness.

You can mount the soundproof glass door inside or the outside of your existing glass door.

Do Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors Work?

Yes. These doors offer effective soundproofing solutions just like the soundproof windows. Hence they are more set to meet all your soundproofing and security needs you have at hand.

But just like other soundproofing materials, these doors do not cancel out noise completely. If you install them, they will reduce about 75% of noise – this is huge, right?

So get to understand that while this is a substantial amount of unwanted sound blocked, you will still experience low sounds. The mystery behind sound is just amazing; even during the quietest moments, you would still hear some noise in the background.

The amazing thing about the soundproof sliding doors is that they give the homeowner the added bonus of security. While at the same time providing the much-needed insulation.

These doors achieve soundproofing through the use of a strong laminated glass. This kind of glass is preferred because it comes with the toughness that cannot be broken easily.

In determining how much noise these soundproof sliding glass doors stop, STC rating is used. STC (Sound Transmission Class). A higher STC, for example – higher than what the dual soundproof window has (this is from 48-52) – would be the best for your sliding glass door.

You will need to call the services of a professional to get further information on these doors. Just do this before you embark on a serious soundproofing project for your home or business.

Benefits Of Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors.

There are many reasons why one would consider having insulating sliding glass door in their home. You probably have your own.

Look at these advantages that follow when you use such doors.

  • Incredible Noise Reduction

I repeat this a second time – noise reduction by these doors is just up there. I am talking about 75% noise being cancelled. This is indeed incredible.

This reduction is as a result of the tough laminated glass used on these doors. They are hard to crack and block out noise efficiently and effectively.

  • Guaranteed Security

Security is a concern for everyone, you know. But the acoustic sliding doors are known to form some of the most terrific security solutions of the modern times.

Again I’ll bring the aspect of the laminated glass. This is the unbreakable barrier here and noise doesn’t go through them easily.

When a thief or burglar attempts to break in, the noise they produce will just be enough to keep the villain away. This makes it very difficult for these types of characters to cause trouble in your home.

  • Energy Saving

The soundproof sliding doors are insulated. Adding them to your sliding door means one more layer of insulation.

This comes as a great advantage if you want to reduce energy costs. This is because the soundproof double doors can be great in heating and cooling the house depending with the season.

Think about saving 15 -30% energy bills as a result of installing these doors in your home.

Different Types Of Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors.

The sliding glass doors are awesome upgrades for your home. Here are the different types you need to know:

1.   Patio Sliding Glass Doors

The patio glass doors are constructed with one fixed door panel together with a sliding door for entrance. They are composed of thick glass panels.

With these glass doors, you can comfortably see outside. The thick glass panels double up as both insulators against theft and noise.

2.   Sliding French Doors

French doors are elegant and catch the eye. They come as bi-fold – and they open and close more traditionally.

Usually, the soundproofing panels are mounted on the interior of the French doors. They will capture and isolate the house from noise.

Since the sliding door sound insulation material is inconspicuous, the door will still keep your room the way it was and maintain the décor.

3.   Double Glazed Sliding Glass Doors

These are consisted of two layers of thick glass and an insulation between them. These sliding doors work by trapping air between the two layers.

Once you purchase them, you might forget about curtains on your doors. This is because they are the best soundproof structures available.

Double glazed sliding glass door is an expensive venture. They cost in the excesses of $3000. So if you are willing to go deep in your pocket, the taste is yours.

4.   Laminated Glass Sliding Doors

These kinds of sliding doors are designed to have a strong feel to the touch. They come with a plastic interlayer between two panes of thick glass.

It is this interlayer that tightly holds the two panes. This provides the door a double layered region which resists breaking-into.

The laminated glasses must be always transparent.

5.   Toughened Glass Sliding Doors

Soundproof sliding glass doors in these category are designed to be durable, strong and effective. They provide the needed protection inside your home but they also come as great insulators of noise.

They, however, are not as tougher or thicker and heavier as the laminated types. Therefore, expect a bit of compromise.

Here Are The Things to Consider When Buying The Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors.

Look for the following aspects when you go shopping for sliding glass doors.

  • Type

It looks like sliding patio doors are very common among many people. However, there are French sliding glass doors – very beautiful and spacious.

So get guided accordingly on which style fits your home. The former would be best for you if have limited space at your home.

  • Cost

Generally, consider how much sound proof sliding glass doors cost. By determining the prices, you get a rough estimate of what your budget would look like.

I advise you early in advance concerning the double glazed sliding glass doors. They are very expensive, therefore, take note.

  • Material

You will need to choose a durable, strong and reliable material. Laminated glass is thicker, heavier and provides better noise resistance compared to other materials.

The lighter toughened glass may compromise with some security and noise-reduction features you want to maintain.

  • Energy Efficiency

This is a must-have quality that you need your sliding glass door to have. So don’t overlook this aspect if you want to enjoy the best soundproofing results out of these doors.

Energy-efficient soundproof door cover would be important in helping to control between heating and cooling of the home depending on the weather.

This significantly reduces the energy costs. So consider this aspect.

  • Your Home Decor

You need to think about what décor you have at home. Then look for a soundproof door that perfectly fits your home décor.

It should blend, for example, with the windows and the existing doors. Plus, other interior and exterior accessories. The soundproof door shouldn’t look out of place so much.

Guide: How To Soundproof A Sliding Glass Door.

Now, what about if you have a slinding glass door and you need to make it soundproof. How do you go about it?

It is not easy to soundproof a sliding glass door. This is because of two things: the glass doors are usually thin and require more soundproofing material. Second, placing thick materials on sliding doors is not realy a good idea – it’d look off the mark!

However, you can use the following methods to soundproof your sliding glass doors.

1.   Use Noise-Blocking Curtains

One way to achieve this is through hanging the curtains in front of your door. Usually, the curtains are thick and heavy insulators like the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains.

They will help reduce noise a great deal. But they can also serve as thermal insulators, thus, controlling the cooling and heating aspects of the house.

To install these curtains, ensure there’s a curtain rod above the door, and then hang your curtains.

They should be large enough to fit the whole door space. Of course, the amount of noise reduced is determined by the size of these material.

2.   Use Fiberglass Blanket

Fiberglass is a step ahead of the noise canceling curtains. Insulating sliding glass door with fiberglass material assures you that much of the noise is cut off significantly.

You install the fiberglass blanket by hanging close to the door on curtain poles. The other way is using hooks with anchors for easier hanging and removing gets even better.

The most commonly used is this Singer fiberglass blanket from Amazon. Very popular for soundproofing doors.

3.   Use Thick Winter Blanket

While this one may not offer the appropriate solutions like the others, thick blankets reduce noise to a smaller extent. This is only a quick solution to help you temporarily.

However, no serious emphasis or expectations are laid on these  blankets. They could disappoint. You need to start thinking about the moving blankets.

They are pretty thick, heavy and can do the job just fine. Be keen with the blankets though and use them just temporarily.

4.   Replace Your Door With Laminated Glass

When I talk about the laminated glass, this is the thick, well protected type of glass. They look beautiful to the eye, more strong and they do reduce noise also.

The laminated glass is an expensive option  here but it works most effectively. It is not easy for burglars to break into the laminated glass – these glasses make a lot of noise when they are handled in a way to misuse them. At the same time, they reduce noise significantly.

So the glass door with a laminated glass does two things: sound reduction and two, offering security to your home.

5.   Sealing Off All Gaps

Noise gets its way through the tiniest spaces and gaps available. You need to check if these exist in your home after soundproofing the entire house.

Any gap you come across needs to be covered using a weatherstripping tape from Amazon. Ensure that all gaps are covered completely. Otherwise, the problem of noise would still persist over and again.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the soundproof sliding glass doors, the soundproofing standards are always high. These doors work as effectively as the soundproof windows.

Besides offering solid soundproofing (reducing up to 75% noise), these doors are excellent in security solutions. They are crafted mostly with hard, thick fiberglass or laminated glass – these are very difficult material to break.

Having these doors in your house plan is a brilliant idea. They provide a top-rated noise-reduction strategy.

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