Using Sound Deadening Blanket – Soundproof Blanket.

Sound Deadening Blanket - Soundproof BlanketIf you have been looking for a reliable solution to protect your rooms from external noise, sound deadening blanket will do just what you want. It is one of those methods that would save you money if you’re operating on a strict budget.

Noise can be a great distraction if not well contained. And if you are a parent with small children, the most important thing you want to do is help them get the quality sleep.

Their rooms and even your personal room will need to be protected from these noises coming from the living room or hallway or just from the outside environments.

The soundproof blanket would come in handy in such situations. They work by blocking or absorbing unwanted noise that usually find its way into the rooms.

You will certainly see the big difference these blankets bring when you use them. Therefore, be confident and have peace of mind because noise reduction is going to be significant.

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What Are Sound Deadening Blanket |Soundproof Blanket?

These are noise-reduction materials used for soundproofing. The blankets reduce sound waves or noise through blocking or reducing the echoes.

Some also contain acoustic materials and therefore absorb sound and convert it into heat energy. The acoustic blankets have been installed with a fiberglass; used in indoor, outdoor and high-temperature applications.

You probably know that soundproofing blankets are used mostly for residential purposes. But, commercially or industrially, these materials especially the quilted fiberglass blankets are widely used to help in various soundproofing needs.

I have to tell you that these soundproof devices are one of the cheapest methods around that you don’t want to miss. Yet they provide a great sound-dampening solution and hence quality life for the users.

Of course, noise-reduction is not 100%. No! But these blankets will block off or absorb a significant amount of noise and let your spaces stay quiet and calm.

The soundproofing blankets are great when your room does have many hard surfaces: and sound keeps on bouncing back and forth the room on the walls, ceiling and floor. When you apply them in such a room, these sound waves are slowed down a great deal.

You may set up your sound blankets on the doors, windows, floor, ceiling, walls, around the appliances, in bedrooms and bathroom, garages, music rooms, industrial spaces with much noise from machinery etc.

Do Soundproofing Blankets Really Work?

Yes, they do! As far as dampening the sound, these blankets do quite a good job. However, you should expect that they will only reduce the noise up to a certain maximum, say 80 percent – a manageable level where one can tolerate.

Therefore, in case you thought that all noise in your room or whatever space will be blocked or absorbed completely, be advised.

The soundproofing blankets have come to be one of those simple methods to reduce noise in the room. But, to make them much more effective, try combining them with another noise-canceling product. For example, you can use soundproof curtains.

When Should You Use A Soundproofing Blanket?

As earlier mentioned, you will need to use the soundproofing blanket in certain situations. This is if you want to be more effective in soundproofing your home or space using these blankets.

You want to make sure that you identify the right places to use them. So knowing the main sources of noise to your space is very important.

If your room or workspace has several hard surfaces with less or no furniture, you should consider having the blankets installed in there. They will reduce the amplification of noise.

You know how sound waves travel in almost empty rooms: they bounce over the floor, to the walls and to the ceiling. Eventually, the sound waves come back again.

But you will definitely reduce the frequency of this sound by having some or all surfaces applied with these soundproofing blankets.

Sound deadening blankets should specifically be applied on doors, windows, ceiling, walls, floor, around appliances in garages etc. (I mentioned these areas above).

These blankets, however, would work best and effectively when you set them up through construction. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get something out of them – they are also non-construction solutions.

Here Are The Uses Of Soundproof Blankets.

The soundproofing blankets can be used in many places. Actually, someone can be tempted to use these applications on nearly anything or any place where noise is a great nuisance!

Just name your needs and you will see that these blankets are really what you have been missing for a long time.

I have listed some of the uses here. Read through.

  • Study and Home Offices

If you study or work from home, there’s nothing precious you would want to have like a peaceful environment. This is exactly what you get through installing the soundproofing blankets in your study room or home office – the peace of mind and true concentration.

  • Home Studio

Acoustic blankets can do a great job when it comes to sound damping. You just need to have them installed on the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

This creates a near-perfect space for recording your audio and video. And just imagine that your recordings will still have the quality you desire.

  • Quieten Your Home

There’s no doubt you want your home at least a friendly place for yourself and visitors. When you are tired, sometimes just having a quiet surrounding is what you need.

Achieve this by installing soundproofing blankets in your entire home. Consider all your rooms, plus the doorways, windows, and so on.

You will experience the best environment and privacy will not be an issue. Remember your bedroom too!

  • Insulating Your Appliances

You can insulate your appliances – air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge etc. These items can be great sources of low-frequency noises which are very disturbing.

The blankets you cover on this equipment will help dampen that noise coming from their motor engines. Thus, you will have a quieter environment in the house.

  • Cover Your Furniture

Furniture can be an awesome barrier in reducing noise amplification. They act as sound barriers, where sound waves hit and their frequencies significantly cut down hence less noise in the room.

Try to add or cover your furniture with sound absorbing blankets and this combination will be a really good one. You will achieve even better soundproofing of your home.

Different Types Of Sound Deadening Blankets You Need To Know.

As a soundproofing enthusiast, I must tell you this: know the product you want to use. There is quite a number of designs on the market.

Having many designs and styles is an advantage. But also a potential source of problems – if you don’t perfectly understand what you are looking for.

This is why I am putting together this information on the different types.  Get to know which ones are best for your needs.

1.   Best Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

Most people have known the moving blankets as the ones to help during transportation when moving out of the house. How do you know these blankets?

Maybe you have not discovered that the blankets are also great for soundproofing solutions. The thick moving blankets are great and can absorb a huge amount of sound if properly installed.

Actually, using these blankets is the cheapest method to achieve your goals. Probably you just rented a home or perhaps you are running on low budget.

Don’t expect them to be perfect though – they will do what they can!

Check out this Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes-Pro Moving Blankets. These come as thick, heavy made blankets that effectively absorb outside noise and quieten the room.

You will not have a hard time keeping them clean and tidy. This is because you can wash them in a washing machine.

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2.   Best Grommeted Industrial Blanket

The grommeted blankets come with grommets which are used to hang them up on a rod or wall. These grommets will make your work easier when setting the blankets upon the surfaces.

Besides, they are able to sustain the heavy weight of the blankets so that they don’t fall off.

Buy this Grommeted Industrial Blanket – 78in.L x 72in.W by Big Boxer. It is reinforced with metal grommets for easy and even hanging. And they also do a great job in dampening noise and vibration in factories.

3.   Ultra Thick Soundproofing Blankets

The ultra-thick sound deadening blankets come with the weight of 65 lbs./dz. This is a medium-range weight here.

Their design does not include the grommets. And they are padded with virgin cotton which comes with a polyester binding – this makes them great options for soundproofing.

Since they are cheap, you bet having them around isn’t difficult.

An example you can go for here is Sure-Max 4 Moving & Packing Blankets – Ultra Thick Pro – 80”x72. It comes as a professional grade, it’s durable and has excellent cushioning.

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4.   Heavy Duty Soundproofing Blankets

The heavy-duty blankets are made to be dense. They are constructed with heavy non-woven polyester covering recycled cotton (heavy).

You can use this blanket to soundproof a living area. To make them even more effective, try applying them in layers and they would almost work out near-perfect results.

EasyGoProducts EGP-MOVE-005 3Heavy Duty 72” x 45” Moving Blankets are heavy moving blankets that come at cheaper prices. Yet they are durable and strong.

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5.   Quilted Fiberglass Soundproof Blankets

These types of blankets are efficient at absorbing sound waves. The blankets utilize fiberglass absorber that’s quilted to different facings. The fiberglass is acoustical.

These blankets combine their ability to absorb sound together with barrier material. You can install them in places which need tough and flexible materials.

Mostly, these blankets are used in industrial applications. For example, they control noise in manufacturing, construction and factory machinery.

You will probably want to try out the Singer Safety SC124 Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel with Grommets. It comes with grommets for the ease of hanging your blankets. You will cut down that noise blasting from the TV and other neighborhood distractions.

Things To Look For When Buying Soundproof Blankets.

It is easy to get confused when buying yourself sound dampening blanket. There are various designs, types and styles in the market and you need to know how to choose the best.

Therefore, read through this guide to get the procedure you should use to land the best product.

  • Check the Weight, Density And Thickness

These three features are essential aspects to a great soundproofing blanket. They will practically determine whether the blanket is effective or not.

Look at the blankets with more weight, high density and more thickness. You can be rest assured that they will perform better in blocking or absorbing sound compared to others with less of these features.

  • Size

Buy a soundproofing blanket that seamlessly fits over the space you want covered. Make sure that all gaps are well covered, nothing should be left open – a small inlet can be an incredible source of noise.

So find something that would offer full protection. It should fit completely over the proposed area.

The common dimensions for a sound barrier blanket are usually around 80 x 72 inches.

  • Soundproofing Blanket Design

You will see different designs on the market. I have discussed some of them already in the “types” section of this guide.

Know what your standards are: but you should understand that the thicker, heavier designs will do a great soundproofing job than lightweight styles.

For a residential blanket, you may not want very heavy designs compared to the ones used in industrial applications. Choose your color of choice, although most of these products have neutral designs that can fit almost everywhere.

  • Presence or Absence of Grommets

If you don’t want to hassle much during the installation of these devices, get the ones which are already grommeted. The grommets help you to hang your blankets on the rod or wall.

Perhaps these do not interest you. If so, go for the ones which come without grommets. You can just install them manually by use of tough iron grommets.

  • Price

Most sound blocking blankets do not sell at high prices. They are affordable – in fact, these are some the cheapest soundproofing tools available on the market.

However, depending on material used to make them and the product quality, different blankets come with different prices.

Don’t rush to get the cheap ones. You will only waste your resources as they won’t help you at all in your soundproofing project.

Check out some soundproof curtains for your home

Bottom Line

You now know something about the soundproofing blankets. The guide has attempted to bring out some insightful information on what they are, their uses and the specific ones to look at on the market.

You can choose the design you want depending on your taste or rather the extent of the project you want to handle. And if you had question marks over these blankets, you’re probably answered.

Make the big step and begin your soundproofing project now. As I have mentioned repeatedly, sound deadening blanket will offer you one of the best solution for budget.

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