Best Quietest Electric Kettles

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It’s probably a norm waking up in the morning and the first thing you want to do is grab a cup of hot tea. As a routine, you want your day to pick off on high energy.

best Silent electric kettlesBoiling your tea in those hours of the morning can disrupt the sleeping members of the family. Of course, especially when you are using the conventional loud kettles.

That can end.

Nowadays, the kettle stuff is not the same old story you have been used to. That’s why you can find the quietest electric kettles being sold in stores.

These kettles will boil your tea quietly, efficiently and quickly. They are designed to withstand intense vibration (which is mostly the source of noise) while they consume energy sparingly.

Wouldn’t you love to have such an appliance in your kitchen? I think it’s wise to throw out the old inefficient kettle and bring in this cool device.

Why the Quietest Electric Kettle.

Things have changed from the time the near-silent kettles came on to the growing kettle market. With many people preferring peace and quiet, especially in the morning, the need for this type of kettles cannot be underemphasized.

It’s damn true that electric kettles heat water faster. It’s even dead right that the quiet versions of these electric kettles do the job more efficiently and with less noise.

You will actually have your tea at the perfect boiling temperature. No hustles of waiting for too long before water gets to the boiling point.

I can’t claim that these kettles are not going to produce any sort of noise. That’s not true.

Apparently, using a kettle every morning or any other time you whet for hot tea is inevitable. You know what I am talking about if you are a tea or coffee addict.

The many times you would heat tea water is reason enough to make you shop for the quiet models. No one needs the everyday kettle hissing and whistles.

Having said that, this appliance is definitely going to be your custom boiling companion. Why not get something that would be a really great partner.

The other advantage of quiet electric kettles is that they keep your electricity bill low. These kettles are constructed with energy-efficiency in mind – a microwave could consume several electricity units but not electric kettles.

The Different Types of Electric Kettles.

1.   Quiet Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stainless steel electric kettle is some of the best when it comes to giving out quality tea. This kettle does not discolor your tea or introduce a funny taste or odor.

The design of the stainless steel electric kettles is just a beauty. the steel finish is something that’s very attractive to the eye and would match the décor of the modern kitchen.

The kettle is strong and made to last for years without rusting.

In that respect, the strong stainless steel material doesn’t also dent easily. And this increases durability.

In terms of the price, you don’t have to splash the cash in order to get the best electric kettle in this category.

Make no mistake. I thought this Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Kettle would be something exciting for serious tea lovers who want a compact unit with the best price on the market.

2.   Quiet Electric Glass Kettle

A glass kettle always looks stylish and up to date. This is a kettle every home would wish they had on the table.

While this kettle is glass (especially on the container part), other parts like the handle and base are plastic-made. The jar is transparent and you can see the contents while boiling is underway.

Which means that you can never go wrong in making your tea or coffee. This kettle is easy to clean and you can effortlessly see if there’s dirt on the container.

The only downsides to this kettle: the glass material has a lot of mass. And, much care has to be taken in order for it to last and continue serving you.

Other than that, buying a glass can be a bit expensive.

Molla Puro Electric Water kettle is a great unit for those of us looking for classy looks. Apart from being smart and easy to use, this kettle is cheap.

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3.   Quiet Plastic Electric Kettle

The best thing about the plastic kettle is that it’s cheap, lightweight and therefore easy to carry from one point to another. A quiet tea electric kettle made of plastic is a common product in many households.

Plastic kettles are however raising health concerns. There is lots of skepticism surrounding the safety of the plastic material especially when it’s heated.

There are fears that plastic containers, including these kettles, may contain BPA. This is a dangerous compound that leaks into the meal you are preparing and cause serious health issues over time.

However, according to most manufacturers, they state that their plastic products don’t contain this BPA compound.

Otherwise, the plastic kettles are very affordable compared to other types. While they also keep your tea or coffee warm for long.

4.   Quiet Cordless Electric Kettle

The design of the quiet cordless electric kettle features two parts – the base and the jug. It’s the jug that has been installed with the heater that warms or boils the water inside it.

On the other side, the base has a power cord which can be connected to a power outlet for power supply. The water in this kettle boils up to the boiling point after which the kettle is automatically switched off.

The automatic shutdown is due to the presence of in-built thermostat. This is a key safety feature that distinguishes cordless quietest electric kettles from the rest of the park.

Check this Dualit Cordless 6-Cup Jug Kettle that features a stainless steel jug, boils efficiently and has a stay-cool handle for safety purposes.

5.   Quiet Corded Electric Kettle

This kettle comes with a detachable cord so that you can simply remove the cord and move the kettle to another area with ease.

You will need to get used to unplugging and plugging the cord for every use. It’s a pain but that’s what you’ll have to adapt to if you decide to buy this type of electric kettle.

How to Buy the Best Quietest Electric Kettles

There are a few key considerations you should think about when looking for the best electric water kettle. Let’s have a look at these basic features that you need to have at your fingertips.

  • Noise Level

This is the essence of this guide. And of course, the most vital feature you need to consider.

Make sure that you check the number of decibels a kettle produces. This, thanks to the manufacturers who indicate it, can be seen in terms of Hz frequency on the kettle.

Or just check the product description; you’ll stumble on this detail. You will definitely know whether it’s okay to choose the product or not.

The key point is to get a quiet product, keeping in mind the people you live with at home.

  • Boiling Speed

Electric kettles are known to be the real deals when it comes to speed boiling. In just a trice, your tea water will be ready for a sip.

This is a bit tricky; powerful kettles are the ones which would boil water very fast and efficiently. However, they are the noisiest too.

Although we have instances of high-end electric kettles that come with quiet and efficiency. But such kettles are not many.

With that known, it is important that you find out the wattage and voltage of the kettle. It will be a lot easier to gauge its power.

  • Different Temperature Settings

If you are a tea connoisseur, you want to make tea with precision for just about any taste or flavor. This pinpoint precision is only possible with a kettle that comes with different temperature settings.

Meaning that you can brew your black tea, green, white or oolong tea without any issues. The reason being that you simply choose the ideal temperature option for a specific flavor.

The same applies to coffee.

Look for a kettle like this one if you want to enjoy the variable temperature options.

  • Durability

Durability can be determined mainly by the type of material used to make the product you want to buy. Ensure that these materials are durable because you are going to use this appliance just about every day.

So, you don’t want to buy something that will only serve you for less than a year or just a year and it’s done. Stainless steel units come with the reputation of the highest durability.

  • Safety

As much as possible, avoid those kettles that heat up on their exterior. The good thing is that most kettles have a cool finish on the outside to ensure that the user doesn’t burn up when handling the appliance.

  • Extra Features

You are at liberty to buy just a basic electric kettle meant for boiling and that’s it. However, some kettles are lined up with interesting features too.

Things such as the auto-shutoff, base cord storage, cordless or detachable cord, water gauge and the keep warm features can be worth consideration as they can have a major bearing on the usability of your appliance.


The quietest electric kettles have become every household’s go-to units in the effort to curb the noisy aspect of the old-school appliances. If you want peace and serenity while at the same time enjoy your morning cup of tea without interrupting others, then these kettles are going to help.

Pay great attention to the boiling speed, safety, price, durability and the materials used to build the unit you are looking to buy. Of course, don forget to check the noise level – this is the ultimate factor.

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