Best Quiet Motorcycle Helmet.

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Folks! We all know that a motorcycle helmet is a basic want for serious riders who are born to blast the trail. That’s for sure.

Best Quiet Motorcycle HelmetI am a rider and it gets windy and noisy inside an ordinary helmet when the bike is cruising at terrific speeds. I can as well estimate this noise to be well above 80dB!

That speed plus noise are not a joke.

Such are the noises that will completely dismantle your hearing ability sooner than later. Since I didn’t want to incur the potential medical expenses, it was easy to buy the very best and true quiet motorcycle helmet in this Shoei Men’s Rf-1200.

Which is certainly going to be my first recommendation to you. This helmet is designed with a strong outer shell, it’s compact, lightweight and aerodynamic.

The best quiet helmet is which can protect you from the wind noise and yet not interfere with your ability to perceive the noise on the road. This way you keep posted on what’s happening around you – key for your overall safety.

Quietest Motorcycle Helmets Compared

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Why You Need a Quiet Motorcycle Helmet.

It is improper and illegal to ride a bike on a public road without a helmet. Having a helmet is a legal requirement by law – even the one you are using is not the quietest motorcycle helmet.

You will only end up in the hands of traffic police without one. And I am pretty sure no one wants to take things that far.

The next reason for a helmet is safety; needless to say this. Even motorbike pranksters cannot take a chance with their safety despite all the jokes they fabricate.

You also don’t want to put your health at risk. Hearing loss is quite common among people who would prefer those helmets that are not customized for protection against intense wind noise.

A quiet helmet makes for a quiet environment which is vital for your overall safety. Because it’s easier to hear other lurking activities around you; hence it’s not going to be easy to cause accidents and such unfortunate happenings.

To that end, riders should also c onsider buying quiet helmets because of the comfort they provide. This comfort emanates from the overall compact and sleek design of these accessories.

The Different Types of Quiet Motorcycle Helmets.

I am going to discuss six basic types of motorcycle helmets you can find on the market.

1.     Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Most people are used to full-face motorcycle helmets. Because these are very common in the market.

With full-face helmets, the top, back, and front of your head are completely covered.  Of course, the eye area is left for vision but the place is secured with a visor that you can see through.

A very essential feature of this helmet is a chin bar or guard that’s very useful when it comes to offering protection. The feature is slightly raised in sports bike helmets while the eye-port is also inclined towards the top of the helmet and the ventilation ducts are positioned on top of the head.

The chin bar for helmets of upright riders extends a little lower. The eye space clearly straights out while the vent ducts are in the front.

Consider buying a helmet with a visor that’s anti-fogging and has the correct lenses right for the prevailing riding conditions.

This Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is not only the quietest full-face helmet but also it is lightweight and comfortable to the head.

The helmet has center pads in three dimensions to enable you to adjust and fit well on your head. It doesn’t matter the shape and size of your head.

2.     Quiet Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This type of helmet features removable chin guards. Which leads to their other name, the flip-ups.

What this means is that a full-face helmet is turned into an open face version. Quite the thing for adventure and sports touring riders, right?

Well, that’s not it – because the quietest modular motorcycle helmet is versatile and allows you to do a number of things without getting into the hassle of lifting the lid off.

You can have a snack bite, or have a talk to someone while you are on top of your bike, and with the helmet on your head.

The structure of the modular helmets is not strong because of the flip-up mechanism. This means that you aren’t supposed to ride your bike especially when you’ve flipped it up.

It’s cool for rest stops; but when you’re riding, return it in place. Otherwise, you will be compromising with your safety.

HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II is a very affordable helmet selling just under $200. Yet, it’s as quiet as our top-rated Shoei.

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3.     Quiet Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is also referred to as motocross helmet. And is a common safe riding requirement for dirt biking.

The design of this helmet is such that it has a pronounced angular chin guard and its weight is minimized to ensure that the rider stays comfortable all the way. Also, the helmet comes with proper ventilation since motocross competitions are common in warmer weather.

Ensure that you come along with goggles to combine with this helmet. Remember you will be pulsating through sand and dirt.

Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle has a great carbon shell and fits perfectly. It’s a lightweight model and comfortable to wear.

Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet (Gloss/Matte Orange/Charcoal Hound, Medium)
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Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet (Gloss/Matte Orange/Charcoal Hound, Medium)
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4.     Quiet Dual-Sport/Hybrid Helmet

A quiet motorcycle helmet in this category combines the features of off-road and full-face helmets. For example, just as the off-road/motocross type, this version of the bike helmet has a sun peak and great ventilation.

Borrowing from the design of the full-face style, the dual-sport helmet is great for on-road riding as well; coming with a built-in visor and a truncated chin guard.

It’s no doubt that anyone could expect this helmet to be versatile. You will also notice the sun peaks of the off-road types featured on this helmet.

The aerodynamic design of this helmet is a guarantee for your safe riding on highways at high speeds. You can flip up the visor and use goggles particularly when you are riding at low speed.

The ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor is a great option that’s sleek, lightweight and delivers while it costs far less than the value you’ll get.

Here are the Factors to Consider When Buying the Quietest Motorcycle Helmet.

1.     Look for Style

I have just mentioned the different types of helmets you can find on the market. Depending on what your likes are, choose between the full face, open face, modular or motocross.

The most common helmets are the full face types. They are great for safe on-road racing or touring. You don’t want to risk using open face helmets for long-distance racing.

But there is a good story to the open style – that you can enjoy ventilation as natural as it is and the scope of vision is awesome.

2.     Size

Check for a sizeable helmet that will neither pose a threat nor bother you while journeying. To understand your size, ensure that you measure your cranium circumference and compare against the sizing chart.

3.     Safety Rating

The helmet you are buying should have a DOT sticker. This means that it’s in compliance with the federal standard FMVSS 218 according to the American Laws.

In Europe, ECE is the standard for the safety of these accessories. So, find out the helmets that have the ECE certification stickers.

Besides, you can as well look for the SNELL insignia certified motorcycle helmets. Even the most quiet motorcycle helmet without a safety rating is useless and can pose a threat to your life.

Don’t gamble.

4.     Aerodynamics

Long-distance racers and tourers need to ensure that they are using the best helmets in terms of aerodynamics. The helmets should be properly ventilated to ensure that it’s not stuffy inside.

The aerodynamics for sports helmets are not built the same way as for touring helmets. The former must be built for extreme riding while the latter is optimized for simple upright positions.

You must ensure that you get it right here. Why? Because a more aerodynamic helmet means that there will be less pounding and this is good for riding without too much noise and fatigue.

5.     Ventilation

The full-face helmets are known for being poorly ventilated. It can get sweaty, stuffy and hot inside the helmet. So pay close attention to details regarding ventilation.

The labels, “sport” or “racing” on helmets show that these helmets will be ideal for extreme racing. While those labeled “touring” are also suitable for riding in the upright positions without getting too tired.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter.

Try using the following tips to reduce the noise level in your helmet:

  • Get a properly sized helmet and fit on correctly
  • Wear earmuffs inside the helmet especially in cold climates
  • Get padded helmet support or wind blocker and use with your helmet
  • You can also wear a scarf around the neck to prevent the wind coming through underneath
  • Get memory foam and stuff them in your earholes
  • You can also wear a face mask to reduce the amount of wind that hits your face from underneath the chin.

The above methods can reduce a certain amount of noise. Of course, you know that this is not going to be 100%.


When you get a quiet motorcycle helmet, you can be sure of safety and comfort. The different types of helmets in this guide present us riders with an opportunity to choose what’s best for us.

A good helmet is an investment. Therefore, you will need to do your assignment very explicitly. The 5 models above can be a good starting point.

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