Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat (Sound Deadening Spray Vs Mat)

Lizard skin vs dynamat: while Lizard Skin is up there with good soundproofing products, Dynamat is better in many ways. More so, coming off as the best ever soundproofing agent.lizard skin vs dynamat

Lizard skin vs dynamat: the two best sound deadening materials popular for quieting vehicles.

But which one is more dedicated to its job? If you are just starting out on a project to soundproof your car or any other vehicle, you might be confused which one to stick to.

That’s okay. Both methods are great and deliver. Although it’s good to discover a favorite option that would always be a go-to solution most of the times.

In this article, I want to introduce you to what they are. And to better understand what they provide, I will compare the similarities and differences between them.

Effectively, you won’t be tucked in the never-ending debates; is it lizard skin the best or the dynamat sound deadener? By the way, none of these can still offer the perfect sound insulation as what you experience in hometheaters.

Understanding Lizard Skin and Dynamat.

What is Lizard Skin?

Lizard skin is a material that was developed for efficient car insulation to control thermal (heat) transfer and vibration/noise. It is thought to be a better product for automotive soundproofing.

Some of the reasons are that it’s simple to apply, more efficient and not a single part of your vehicle is left unsprayed. After which the interior of your vehicle becomes cool and quite for a ride of any distance.

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What is Dynamat?

Dynamat comes as a thin but super sticky sound deadening rubber. To set the record right, this is the most effective automotive sound control material in the market.

Dynamat material can stretch without tearing. This is due to the flexible structure it has.

Installing dynamat is simple as it cuts easily and sticks on interior car surfaces without a need to apply any special compounds on the surface.

That’s that for understanding the two products. And before I move further, let us have a look at this comparison table for the two products.

Comparison Table for Dynamat and Lizard Skin

Lizard Skin Insulation Dynamat Insulation
Preparation You need to cover certain parts of the car before application as the spray can ruin them in case of contact Both partial and complete installation has no problem
Application Spraying a lizard paint is a breeze. You’ve got to be too careful though – it gets messy This can be difficult to cut and apply
Coverage Covers the ribs, body and frame of the car quiet easily Good for covering the body of the car but not hidden parts
Finished Product There are absolutely none of seams and gaps. The problems could be the risk of this spray jamming nuts and bolts Expect seams and gaps
Price Click here to check Amazon for the current price Click here check Amazon for the current price
Thickness Thicker at 0.40 – 0.60 inches Less thick at 0.067 inches


Having learned the differences, what do these materials share in common?

There’s not much commonalities between dynamat soundproof material and its lizard skin alternative. Even so, the fact that both are water-based makes it special apart from their sound-deadening qualities.

This is to say that their formulation doesn’t involve use of asphalt or such products. Asphalt-based products release toxic vapor in extremely hot climatic conditions.

When they melt, asphalt-based sound deadeners can create a real mess. And it’s going to be hard to clear it.

Lizard Skin Sound Control in Detail.

Manufacturers recommend that the lizard sound control is used in conjunction with a Top Coat and Ceramic Insulation. Top Coat and ceramic insulation aren’t going to add to the soundproofing qualities of lizard skin.

Top Coat is for providing the admirable glossy finish while Ceramic insulation is used a thermal insulating agent. What this means is that you can use lizard skin alone and it’s okay.

Otherwise, combining the three comes with what you don’t fancy always. Bloated costs! Simply put, when you add the costs of lizard skin sound control alongside the two products, it may beat the rather expensive Dynamat.

Usually, the Lizard Skin Sound Control (Click To Check price On Amazon) is sold in 2-gallon buckets on Amazon. For an average car, you would need about 4 gallons.

That is if you follow the recommendations of 0.40-0.60” thickness provided by the company. According to Lizard Skin Calculator, 6 gallons of the spray are what a hardtop car or vehicle needs.


Take note that with lizard skin spray, there are no partial applications. Once you start the project, you have to spray the whole car or vehicle.

Again, you don’t want to do this on your own. It sounds easy said than done which is why you need an expert to help you.

To apply this lizard skin, professionals disassemble the whole vehicle first. This makes the process of application quite easy and fast.

A mixing kit that’s attached to a power drill is needed for mixing the liquids. Another equipment you are going to need is the spray gun for actual application.

Buy this kit with all tools (Click To Check price On Amazon) on Amazon.

Don’t start spraying lizard skin before you apply some protection over the holes, nuts and bolts. Use masking tape to cover them. This will help you not to have a rough time removing the coating over these parts.

Also, the surrounding areas should be covered with plastic sheets to protect the ground.


During application, begin with a small area of the automotive. Measure the thickness of the coating using a marker that comes with the Lizard spray.

If the thickness is right, finish the whole surface, wait about an hour and spray the second coating.

Advantages of the Lizard Skin Spray

  • Process is easy and takes less time; keep in mind though that the preparation should be a bit thorough.
  • Uniform application; every part, rib, body and frames are covered without leaving out any.
  • Lizard skin sound deadening does not have issues of moisture trapping. These are common with mats.
  • You don’t need to cut anything; so no risk of injuries, cuts.
  • Installation costs are not as high as what Dynamat could need.

Disadvantages of the Lizard Skin Spray

    • Things can get messy if you don’t handle this material with care
    • May require professional services
    • It can spoil your vehicle’s paint
    • Extensive precautions

Dynamat Control in Detail.

Everyone (of course soundproofing buffs) know that dynamat is the most effective and reliable sound deadener. Which also has it flying in the top clouds in terms of price.

Actually, there’s no debate between lizard skin vs dynamat. At least that’s what I can see, and hopefully you agree as well.

With this product, it is possible to attain nearly 100 percent of soundproofing. This leaves the inside of your car quiet and cool because it also stops heat sneaking inside.

Most of your vehicle will be covered by Dynamat Xtreme (Click To Check price On Amazon). Although there are other products of Dynamat in the names of Dynaliner and Dynapad.

Dynaliner is used as the main thermal insulator and Dynapad is commonly used on the floor of the car or vehicle. It is usually dense and thick, two imperative qualities of a product ideal for floor soundproofing.


At this stage, you want to complete some pre-install work for Dynamat before installation. But the good news is that you can prepare in parts.


Dynamat cutting requires care. It starts with you being in possession of the right tools for the job.

Carefully measure the material and cut accurately. The surfaces should also be cleaned well to ensure that the Dynamat sticks properly.

You will then remove the release liner and mount the Dynamat on the floor. With the help of a roller, apply pressure on the spread material until the adhesives have firmly stuck the mat on the surface.

This is by no means an easy application process. And when you have larger areas to work on, the more laborious it becomes.


  • Less time to install
  • Very effective
  • Dynamat sound deadening is a reliable method
  • It can be implemented DIY
  • Doesn’t use asphalt


    • Cannot cover 100 percent of the car
    • It requires a professional to install for better outcomes; spending more money on an expert will just balloon your budget.
    • Dynamat is very expensive. But its worthiness has been proven already many times from how it effectively stops sound.

In Conclusion

Having gone through the post, and known what these products are, I certainly believe that you will have an easy time choosing your favorite sound deadener. But I will provide a suggestion: the better option is the Dynamat.

While Lizard Skin is up there with good soundproofing products, Dynamat is better in many ways. More so, coming off as the best ever soundproofing agent.

In terms of price, lizard skin vs Dynamat? Dynamat beats its counterpart by miles. But definitely this is a product that when you choose, no way you will regret.

Another person may have a totally different take. Perhaps they are used to Lizard skin more than Dynamat.

The important thing is to closely compare between the two. I have indicated the pros and cons for both to help you with as much information as you want.

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