This is How to Stop a Door from Slamming – 10 Effective Methods

How to stop a door from slamming:  When a door keeps slamming shut, things don’t just work out. Truly speaking, you know how irritating this can become.

 stop slamming doors deviceAt a personal level, I don’t think anyone enjoys a slamming door. Unless it’s some crazy kids hyping around for the wrong reasons and the parent can’t do anything because they’re just kids – even these will eventually come to dislike the banging effect in the long run.

For that reason, you’ve got to find out ways to stop this from happening. But doors slam shut because of different reasons.

You will need to figure these causes. Some of these actually include heavy or unevenly positioned doors, strong winds or breeze blowing against the door while other doors can slam shut due to a mechanical issue with the joints.

If you have watched nasty scenes in “The Invitation” horror film, you might as well argue in that sense about doors slamming. But that’s farfetched and fictitious.

I know you are bored with that door which is why you would need to pay close attention to me as I give you tips on how to stop a door from slamming for good. They are simple hacks but really effective.

Why Would You Prevent the Door from Slamming?

I think we all agree that no one is ready to be scared even if it involved being rewarded for such stuff. For the fear of sleeping kids, you want the door to behave and shut to stop a door from slamming

Otherwise, they have a torrid time trying to catch up with a nap. But even more essentially, you want the door to be calm because slamming can cause damage to the door frame.

If this keeps happening on a regular basis, the chances of that frame losing its stability are pretty high. The whole door structure weakens up with time.

You don’t want to start covering new expenses around the repair and maintenance of that door.

The other crucial point to note is the concern of toddlers. If you have one or some in the house, (and I suppose you know they love hanging around doors) the door needs to be at peace – else, it’s a dangerous scene there.

I know there are many more reasons why you want to keep the door from slamming. But I’ll at that for now and let’s look at the different methods on board to help keep our doors in place.

10 Effective Methods to Prevent Doors from Slamming Shut.

1.   Use the Anti Door Slam Products

There are a good number of great commercial solutions to door slamming. And these are the anti-door slam solutions.

But, if you want and you have the nous to make personalized options, that’s well and good, it still will help to eliminate the problem.

The door slam preventers can be made with the intention of silencing the door when it slams. Which is the goal for many bachelors in town.

Mothers or say parents would want better anti-door slam solutions. For example, they want those preventers that can also protect small children in the house from getting hurt.

This means that the market has a few different alternatives to meet both needs as seen in the examples above.

There is a door slam preventer that you can stick to the inside of the door to cushion the door. However, it’s very much possible to get those products that would completely prevent the door from closing.

Usually, you will need to secure these somewhere on the top or side where the knob is. Furthermore, to avoid being locked inside of your home, have these products that are attached on the knob from both sides of the door and normally cover the latch bolt.

Another alternative is to apply a temporary slam guard on the hinge of your door. Other instances can call for a mechanism above the door with a jointed arm which holds the door and its frame.

This mechanism ensures that the door doesn’t close with a bang.

Here are good products from Amazon in the anti-slam category:

  • Wittle Finger Pinch Guard which is great for protecting fingers from being taken by surprise. This product is cheap but very effective on the task.

2.   Install a Door Closer

The second option is to install a door closer especially if the door doesn’t have one. And ensure that you carefully stick to the instructions of installation.

There are two different types of door closers: the pneumatic door closers like this Wrights Products V920WH and the hydraulic door closers. The first category is straightforward to install and don’t forget to lubricate the closer regularly for smooth operation.

The hydraulic closers, on the other hand, are meant for industrial purposes. And they’ve got better functionality.

3.   Use a Rubber Band to Stop Slamming

A simple rubber band would also work out the magic you want just like a more advanced door slam stopper.

In order to install the rubber band, ensure that you put it around the door handle. Then extend it so that it covers the other side of the door.

You want to have the rubber band have as great results as a bit can. Which means that you can stretch it well above and below the latch you try to wrap it around.

What this band does, it creates a bumper on which the door hits the frame.

4.   Get New Hinges for the Door

Worn out door hinges can be a part of the troubles of your door. When the door swings very quickly, it demonstrates that either the hinges are worn out or their installation is not up to the task.

So you will need to inspect the hinges. If they are not even or level, it’s important that you reposition them.

Drill new holes in order to do this. You will definitely need a handheld driller and anchor screws for the job.

5.   Use a Weather-stripping Kit

This method of using the weather-strips is a package that can serve two different goals at a go. Of course, protecting the door and also soundproofing the door from slamming noise.

All you will need to do is measure that gap between the door and its frame. Then attach or stick the weather strip as it’s self-adhesive and you don’t necessarily need a commercial adhesive for the work.

A good example of the best weatherstrip is this Keliiyo Door Weather Stripping. It is affordable and effective.

6.   Cover the Door Jamb with a Cushion

This method recommends that you use a cushion like this Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion to cover the latch of your door. Although this doesn’t mean that the door won’t close.

The cushion is such thin that the door still closes just fine. But it prevents the door from crashing hard on the frame.

Which means that you can quietly open, enter and close the children’s room without waking them up when they are sleeping.

7.   Apply Door Pinch Guards

Adding a pinch guard to your door is a simple way to stop it slamming. With pinch guards, you can be assured that the door will not slam shut.

And two, they are baby-proofing solutions. This means that they help to keep your toddler’s fingers from being grabbed in the slamming door.

Once you have the pinch guards like this 6-Pack Door Pinch Guards, fit them around the door just above the handle. You will notice the difference – of course, the door will still open unexpectedly, but won’t shut the same way.

8.   Attach the Door with Felt Pads

Felt pads are another great idea on how to stop a door from slamming. They are used mostly on the floor or counter to protect appliances from scratching against the surfaces.

To install the pads, just attach them on the inside of the door frame in the middle. Above the lock and handle, place two pads and do the same if it turns out not effective.

Don’t worry about the adhesive to use with the dots as they come with self-adhesive surfaces that readily attach to the door.

9.   Place Door Seals Below the Door

Door seals are tubes of fabric that you can lay at the bottom of the door. They look like a rolled-up towel.

The main purpose of this stop cloth is to stop drafts and smells from sneaking through space at the bottom of the door.

This 3-feet Pack of 2 Frost King DS2 Door/Window Draft fits most doors quite well. And they come in a pair of two. To install them, just simply place them in front of the door.

10.                Protect Your Walls with a Bumper

When you install a bumper on the door, it will protect the knob from hitting against the wall hence creating a dent or hole inside the wall at that area.

The door bumpers are crafted with foam or plastic pads and are fixed on the wall right at the point where the doorknob hits the wall when the door slams shut.


As you can see, there is a variety of methods on how to stop a door from slamming. Choose a few that you think would work for you.

It is time to stop the door from slamming and potentially causing injuries to family members. Just before you rush to replace the door, think about a few workable ways in the list above.

The products recommended are fantastic and would only make your life easier.

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