How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets.

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how to soundproof a room with blanketsIsn’t it just amazing to have a room soundproofed with blankets? Of course these are not the ordinary blankets you know – if you were already thinking in that direction.

Actually, I am talking about the sound deadening blankets. These are good soundproofing devices that can give you satisfactory results when it comes to reducing noise in your home.

They are made of thicker, heavier and sturdier materials. Some have been installed with fiberglass. Thus, they are able to absorb and/or block off sound waves from entering or leaving the room.

You will be surprised how effective these blankets are. And yet, your soundproofing project gets completed just well to give you the cool environment you want.

More intriguing is that you essentially complete soundproofing your house at very reduced costs. These blankets are readily available on the market – and their prices are affordable.

You may not rely on them for a serious project. Especially those ones that require near-perfect noise-canceling solutions.

But for low demanding soundproof projects, you certainly can use these blankets. Although it’s not possible to eradicate all the noise from your home through them.

If you want complete noise-reduction, I suggest that you combine these blankets with other methods that will require you to spend a lot of money. Soundproofing a home is not a small project, you know.

Perhaps you have a long-term goal of permanent soundproofing. But you don’t have money.

Get a temporary solution by these soundproofing blankets. Then, you can prepare adequately for the permanent solutions.

In this guide, I will explain to you how to soundproof a room with blankets. Just stick on and get to know how to approach this work.

Here Are The Different Ways To Soundproof A Room With Blankets.

Honestly, there exists many different ways with which you can soundproof your room with blankets. some of them might only require that you simply hang the blankets.

Others may need more commitment. For example, using a claw hammer or nail gun for driving nails to fix the blankets.

In some other methods, a putty or a strong adhesive is recommended to help you attach the blankets on the target areas. Hence, depending on the needs at hand, you will be using one or a combination of the methods.

Anyway, what do you use to soundproof a room? Think about it.

Meanwhile, let’s go through each one here.

1.   Hang The Soundproof Blankets Over The Doors

Doors are one of the obvious routes where noise gets into the house. At the same time, soundproofing them is not easy as counting numbers.

However, you could start by draping the blankets over the door. This is commonly done when the blankets are large and when the door being soundproofed has a large gap up-top.

In case you find that not good enough, you can also nail or glue the blankets on your doors. Or just fix the blanket on the surrounding wall by nailing it there.

The last option to look at here could be mounting a curtain holder. Then hanging your sound barrier blanket. This is quite something of value if you consider to move the door more frequently.

I will remind you that blankets specifically made to cover the door exist on the market today. And you can definitely get the design you want to match with your door.

Of these four ways, you need to decide which one does the better job. Then, resort to it. Some methods will cause a bit of damage to the door – especially the ones requiring driving nails into the wall or door.

Just don’t forget that any gap can cause you many problems. This is why you should ensure all existing gaps are covered well by soundproof blanket for door however small they are.

Or else, you will be shocked to find out that the whole project was just not good at all.

You can try out these awesome soundproof blankets for the doors.

2.   Placing Them On To The Walls

Most individuals are familiar with this method. Because it’s the most common of all. It involves installing the blankets on the walls.

These are particularly helpful if your house has thinner walls. You can help yourself preserve your privacy by attaching these blankets on the walls.

The grommeted types are good enough due to their easy installation process.

The thickness and weightiness of these blankets come to be of great importance. Apart from their normal soundproofing, these sound absorbing blankets are capable of absorbing elements of heat.

So how do you place the blankets on the walls? Well, you can nail the blanket flat on the wall. If you have glue or some putty, and perhaps a strong adhesive, tape the blanket.

Just keep in mind that you will need lots of putty to keep the blanket in place. And the reason is obvious – the blankets are really heavy – so you need a really strong industrial adhesive.

Like the first method, I also think suspending on curtain trucks isn’t a bad idea. The important thing is to ensure the trucks are strong and sturdy.

The permanent idea here is to nail the blankets on the wall. But this can be limiting if the house isn’t yours (you know what I mean).

So you definitely need permission from the owner. Again when fitting the sound blocking blanket, you want to ensure that the nails don’t fully disappear into the walls.

In wall soundproofing, you can first start with the major target wall. It could be that side of the room that’s adjacent to the road. After that, move to other sections of the wall.

Don’t freak about what the blankets can do to your room’s décor. There are many designs you can choose which surprisingly might even improve the appearance of your house.

3.   Install The Blankets On The Windows

This is simple. The soundproof blankets are installed the same way curtains are done.

This method is preferable if you are failed by soundproof curtains. Think about those places with wild surroundings. And if you are a resident in such locations, soundproof curtains might look like a thing of the past.

You should prioritize a blanket with grommets for easier, faster installation. Though the blankets without these eyelets would still finish the job if worse goes to worst.

When covering the window, it is a must to reach all sections. Don’t let a single air gap uncovered! Or the problem of disturbing noises will still persist.

Just like with the doors, hanging blankets for soundproofing is complete when every space on the window is adequately covered.

In case you experience challenges with hanging the blankets, the other option is to nail the blanket to cover the window completely. The nailing is done on the surrounding wall.

This technique, however, may not be great for you if you value the precious light from outside. Because, certainly, your room will be a bit darker and the appearance of your windows will be compromised somehow.

You can think about this strategy as temporary solution. There are better ways for sure that would do a great job without doing harm to your décor.

4.   Using Blankets Over Appliances

As you know, many appliances at home come with some constant low-frequency noises. Sometimes even loud noises.

You can use blankets as cheap soundproofing material to apply them on the various appliances in the house. These could be your fridge, dishwasher, laundry machine or any other appliances.

Note that other appliances may not be ideal to be covered. You will need to read the instructions and find out the do’s and don’ts so that you always do the right thing.

But regarding the three I have just mentioned, it’s safe for you to go ahead and cover them.

One way to soundproof your appliances is by just laying the blanket unceremoniously on them. It sounds crude, right?

If you are not satisfied with that, then another option becomes making aesthetic modifications. Which could be one or all of the following steps.

You may want to trim off the extra material after covering the machine. This trimming makes it look clean and appealing on the appliance being covered.

Someone else might prefer a different way. For example, he or she may buy two smaller blankets cut neatly to the exact width dimensions of the fridge or dishwasher.

Then you lay one piece over the top of the fridge. The blanket should cover over the two sides of the fridge or appliance.

The next piece should also be laid over the first one. It will fall to cover the front and back of the appliance such that the blankets will be crossing one another.

Has this become something else? Not yet, because I am still talking about how to soundproof a room with blankets.

Another procedure you want to use to soundproof your appliance with blankets is this one: Start by laying one blanket on the floor; place the machine approximately at the center. Then pull up the blanket and tape it on the sides of the appliance.

The other blanket is placed on the top and rolled to cover the backside and front side of the appliance.

5.   Place The Blankets On The Floor And Ceiling

Do you know that these blankets can make some wonderful carpets? Or rather be used to cover the ceiling over?

I am letting you know if you didn’t. And perhaps I will tell you here how to soundproof a room using the same blankets.

It is undoubted that there are by far other advanced soundproofing solutions. But blankets have their small place in this community of soundproof products.

While you can use them as carpets, they as well soundproof. Putting them on the floor helps to reduce the frequencies and reverberations of the sound.

Most of the sound waves won’t bounce off the floor. And if the ceiling is also covered, the noise reaching it would be further reduced.

These blankets are really cheap soundproofing alternatives, but it’s not easy task nailing a blanket on the ceiling. If you currently cannot afford other types of soundproof materials, well and good.

But for real, you don’t want to strain yourself if you can soundproof your home using other better solutions.

6.   Placing The Blankets Over Furniture

The other way you can soundproof a room with blankets is through covering the furniture. You can achieve a good portion of your soundproofing project with this option.

So you will need thicker and denser blankets to cover the chairs, tables etc. in your room. This can considerably soften the noise that finds its way into the room.

Just to make sure that your home décor is par the standard, look for those blankets which match your established design. Adding tablecloth on the table to cover the blankets is a wise way of unbinding yourself from the challenge of décor interference.

Final Verdict: Soundproofing A Room With Blankets.

From the information provided, it is clear that you have an idea on how to soundproof a room cheaply. And blankets are the ultimate solution when you are operating on a small budget.

Blankets can do a great job and don’t occupy a lot of space. Some other soundproofing material take up a lot of space. Therefore, this is one big advantage when using them.

It is important to look at the thickness and weight of the blanket you are using. Thicker and denser blankets may do a proper job of insulating both sound and heat.

Some blankets come with grommets. These make it easy and quick to install them. But in case they don’t have the grommets, you might want to pierce through them and fix some metal eyelets yourself.

Above all, you must appreciate the fact that soundproof blankets come at very affordable prices – cheapest of all other soundproofing options.

Therefore, I conclude that these blankets provide handy solutions. They have lots of benefits that will certainly make your soundproofing project a success.

You should start thinking in their direction as soon as possible. Especially if you think your budget is in bad shape.

The question though is – apart from what you know – have you learned something about how to soundproof a room with blankets?

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