A Detailed Guide On How To Reduce Road Noise In Your Car.

how to reduce road noise in your carWhile in your car, road noise can be very disturbing. It irritates your ears and makes you feel like you are losing your hearing ability. In this guide, I’ll show you how to reduce road noise in your car.

When you experience this noise frequently, you’re likely to develop health issues. For instance, cardiovascular, diabetes and hypertension diseases are some of the potential health-related problems.

The effect caused by this kind of noise can be damaging as you can see. But there is a way you can reduce this problem.

I am going to tell you how to reduce noise in your car through soundproofing. Have you heard of this yet?

If you haven’t, you need to read on. You will definitely learn the huge benefits that come along soundproofing your car.

You should note one thing though: you cannot completely block off noise from getting inside the car. What happens is that the noise is effectively deadened.

This way, only a small amount is let in. Which gives you the peace of mind as you drive.

And you could be thinking, “Oh my, soundproofing is a sophisticated process”. But no! That’s not true.

Soundproofing is easier than you might be thinking.

What’s Car Soundproofing?

This is involves reducing the road noises and improving the sound quality in your car. It is achieved through applying sound deadening or dampening materials.

The materials are thick and heavy. Thus, they greatly cut off the unwanted noise and significantly reduce the amount of noise leaks into the car.

The sources of noise on your car evident. As usual, you’d think of the following routes – doors, engine, hood, trunk, panels among others.

But with proper soundproofing of these parts, you will love the experience of driving your car even in the noisiest of roads.

How To Reduce Road Noise From Tires

Car tires can be great noise sources. These noises are usually caused by any or both of the following: the impact of tire ridges on the road or rubber grips on the road.

If you want to reduce these noises, then think about avoiding the tires that compress air under them. These are tires which come with huge tread blocks separated by thick grooves.

You will need to look for tires such as Grand Touring, Standard Touring or Passenger all-season tires. They should have high tread wear, wet traction and hydroplaning resistance ratings.

These listed tires are known for a great reputation in terms of overall performance: they are the quietest and most versatile.

A good practice you want to keep getting spot on is tire pressure. The tires should be inflated to the recommended standards.

Driving on underinflated tires is one way of generating unnecessary noise in your car.

How To Reduce Noise In Car Interior.

Interior car noise reduction is important if you want to enjoy your driving experience. And there are many ways to go about this as discussed earlier.

Just to emphasize, you can install soundproofing materials like dynamat, deadening mats, soundproofing sprays, and foams. Don’t forget that soundproof doors can also do a great job in eliminating excessive noise from your car.

How To Make Your Car Quieter Inside.

Whether you are combating engine noise, exhaust noise, suspension noise or wind and road noise, you want an effective material for this job. As usual, install dynamat material to the doors, floor, roof lining and the firewall.

To minimize road noise, consider using tires made of soft rubber. Also, you can add a rubberized underbody coating layer on the floor.

The noise from the engine and exhaust can be contained by regular maintenance of these systems. The result is a quieter car while driving.

The same goes for the suspension of your car; ensure it’s always in great shape and you’ll be able to reduce considerable amount of noise.

Here Are The Different Methods Of Soundproofing Your Car To Reduce Road Noise.

There are different ways of soundproofing car road noise. I am going to look at these methods here so that you can explore the options and see what is great for you.

1.   Reduce The Noise Using A Dynamat

Dynamat is thin and extremely sticky butyl rubber usually bonded to an aluminium alloy skin. This material is made through a process called Vector Chemistry.

With dynamat, you are looking at the best soundproofing material available. It significantly reduces the noise coming from the outside of the car.

This makes the interior environment of the car calm and friendly.

The installation procedure is simple to follow. You just need basic skills and you’ll be able to do this alone in your garage.

The dynamat can be applied on to the car’s doors, trunk, floor and hood.

The Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener Dynamat is a great material for soundproofing your car. It well coated with aluminium to enable heat resistance and comes with high flexibility as well.

2.   Soundproof Doors

Soundproofing your car doors is a great way to start reducing external car noise. Vibrations produced by the doors when the car is moving are effectively absorbed.

The best materials you need to use on the door will be sound-deadening mats. They come cheap and are not bulky hence will not add weight to your car.

Acoustic materials can be used but they are heavier and add weight to the car. Meaning that you won’t be able to enjoy your drive.

Car door soundproofing can be achieved using the Second Skin Damplifier Butyl Sound Deadener. It is one of the best options when looking at the sound deadening mats.

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Soundproofing car doors can be kind of tricky. Given that you’ll need to remove the door before you fix the mat inside.

If you find the whole process harder than you expected, it doesn’t hurt seeking the help of a professional.

You will be required to cut the correct dimensions. This ensures that the whole door is fully covered for the best results.

3.   Using Sound Deadening Materials

The sound deadening materials such as sound deadening mats eliminate and absorb sound waves. It doesn’t matter what the sources of these noises are.

It could be from wheels or horns and the rattling of the other vehicles.

These materials could be made from rubber or asphaltic panes or any other adhesive materials.

Most sound dampening mats will absorb the vibrations and convert the waves into heat. Others don’t just allow sound waves to go through them.

Therefore, the floor panels that usually release lots of vibrations and sounds while driving should be covered by the sound deadening mats. These will absorb all these noises coming from the tires.

One effective example of the material you can use is the FatMat Sound Deadening Foam. You can get this from the Amazon for less than $50/10 sq. ft.

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4.   Using Soundproof Foams

If you’re still wondering how to reduce road noise in your car, this method will prove to be a great option too. Because it is cheap unlike the dynamat and it’s easy to install in your car.

Usually, you will need to lay it on the car panels. So that it absorbs the vibrations from under the car cabin.

The soundproof foams come either in sheets or foams. These foams disperse the sound they absorb throughout them hence reducing the impact of the noise.

You may try out this 12 Pack-Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges. It has great sound control and many people are using this sheet for soundproofing due to its great reputation.

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5.   Using Soundproofing Sprays

You will use the soundproofing sprays on your car windows and door panels. Or other parts where mats won’t be suitable applications.

These materials are constituted of acrylic binder with sound-dampening particles. They are water-based sprays and can be applied either using paint guns or compressors.

Although the aerosols will not need any special equipment to apply them over the surfaces.

The sprays are great for reducing extreme external noises. This way, they enhance the sound systems of the car.

Why don’t you go for this simple method and get yourself this DEI 050220 Boom Mat Spray-on Sound Deadening Spray? It won’t crack and can stay on even under high temperatures, up to 300 Fahrenheit.

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6.   Ensure The Engine Is Working Normally

The most effective method for vehicle noise reduction is through working on its engine. The engine system together with the vehicle’s exhaust and suspension are the main suspects when it comes to excessive noise making.

Check the system regularly to ensure it is normally functioning.  Otherwise, it won’t be any surprise when your car produces much rattling, grinding or squealing.

These noises can affect your hearing ability.

A cool engine is free from any mechanical malfunctions.

However, having a properly functioning engine doesn’t guarantee a completely quiet environment. You can go ahead to install sound deadening insulation so that your engine is quietened while driving.

These sound deadening materials should have a metal foil backing. This foil protection is a must to make them heat resistant – the engine produces a lot of heat.

7.   A New Stereo System

Installing a new stereo system in your car can help a lot. The music from such a system keeps you engaged and relaxed.

Eventually, you forget all the goings-on outside. Which makes your road experience a smooth one as you navigate through the heavy, noisy traffic.

So if you are mindful of the look of your car, and do not want the exaggerated looks created by the mats and sheets, a reliable stereo system can be just good.

8.   Using Sound Dampening Insulation

You may as well need to learn how to eliminate road noise in your car using these soundproofing materials – the sound dampening insulation.

They contain fibers and can be placed beneath the mats. These materials can increase the amount of sound being absorbed when they are used in combination with the soundproof mats.

For example, they can help absorb up to 80% of the sound waves generated into the car.

Besides, they come with insulation properties. Hence, during the cold seasons, you are assured of good heat retention to warm up your car interior.

Benefits Of Soundproofing Your Car.

Now, let’s go through some of the benefits of soundproofing your car. Because the amount of time you spend in your car is quite significant.

You want every single moment you spent driving to be fun.

Here are the benefits:

  • You Will Have Peaceful Drives

Soundproofing your car gives you a quieter drive. And the result of this is a peaceful mind.

There is less noise from the engine, which gives you ample time for concentrating. The irritation of the vehicles outside and the car tire sounds won’t be heard.

The truth is that soundproofing your car will make a big difference.

  • High-Quality Music

Auto soundproofing also helps you get to enjoy high-quality music in your car. With minimal interference coming into the car interior, you are guaranteed to enjoy your music.

The car speakers will discharge clear music. If you are a music lover, you know what I am trying to drive at.

As usual, you will be able to hear and appreciate the music.

  • You Will Avoid Health Complications

When I began, I mentioned something to do with cardiovascular problems. These conditions are compounded when you are exposed to much noise.

Given the time you spent on the road driving, headaches can be very common.

However, soundproofing the car helps you avoid all these challenges. So that you’ll have a stress-free time as you drive.

  • Improved In-Car Conversations

When driving along with your family or friend, you want to have lively conversations. These shouldn’t be disturbed – but only with the right car soundproofing will you have undisturbed conversations.

Soundproofing makes the talks clear. And you will not need to raise your voice so loud to be heard.

Nor will you strain to listen to what others are saying.  

Bottom Line

Getting rid of noise from your car has great benefits. You can see that these advantages indicate a smooth driving experience if you soundproof your car.

You need to seriously consider the methods I have established in this guide on how to reduce road noise in your car. They are practically convenient and easy to implement.

What are needed are just some basic skills and you’ll be driving a quiet car all the way.

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