How to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbors.

Bass sound gives the music its taste. But most people misbehave with their home theater systems by raising up the bass to damaging to reduce bass noise from neighbours

Bass noise is a low-frequency noise that comes with serious effects. It travels through solid surfaces – the wall, the floor, and ceiling.

If you are next to a stubborn neighbor who wants to crank up the volume of the bass to the last stop, then you might find yourself in deep noise trouble.

Because of its potential to cause health and mental damages, finding out how to reduce bass noise from neighbours will prove to be a shrewd move for anyone who loves quiet.

Which is the reason why I have put together this guide to help you with some methods you might need to implement and reduce this problem noise.

Why Should You Reduce Bass Noise?

Bass noise comes with full physical impact. Actually, it causes vibrations and you can feel this on the walls and floor.

This is a kind of noise that even deaf people can experience its sensation. Its physical manifestation is pronounced to such extent.

As to reducing bass noise, you are in for a real test. You won’t just throw regular soundproofing techniques and (boom!) expect those quick results of quiet – it is somehow a tricky project.

Rather, expect these methods to reduce bass from neighbors up to a bearable level. That you can be able to live a considerably normal life less of noise disturbances.

Bass soundproofing calls for use of high-mass, noise-blocking, and noise-absorbing materials. Such materials are effective at stopping sound waves from traveling through their fabrics.

Investing in tested and proven acoustic materials is going to be extremely key to your expected success of soundproofing your apartment.

7 Amazing Ways on How to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbours.

1.   First, Talk to Your Neighbor

Have a polite conversation with your neighbor (s) concerning the problem at hand. Especially if the noise keeps getting louder every other day.

If they receive your plea with grace, then you will be a lucky chap. You could even grab this opportunity and give them one or two tips on how to minimize bass for neighbors, only if they allow you.

However, to be bold enough and face your neighbors when you are just new may sound an uphill task. And sometimes talking to them would not only aggravate those people but also create a tense relationship between the two of you.

Most of the times these guys who play extremely loud music can only give you a deaf ear. They seem to be used to that culture of noisiness and therefore it’s merely a waste of your time talking to them.

That’s the time you need to approach your landlord or the building management for intervention. Once this person talks to them, a change is expected.

The matter can be escalated to the police if the culprit seems to be spiteful and careless about you – not even listening to the call of the landlord.

2.   Behave Yourself First

You don’t want to preach water and you keep gulping wine. Some of the neighbors may play even louder bass to respond to your stubbornness.

Therefore, play your music moderately and you will see the same being reciprocated by your next door neighbors. If you want to hear them loud, start cranking up your volume first.

Having a clean record yourself is a very strong statement to all the people surrounding you. It is what I would call respecting yourself.

Generally, by behaving modestly, you help the chaotic neighbor to change for the better.

By the way, you don’t need to even frown at them. In fact, knowing them will help you deal with the issue more easily.

3.   Soundproof the Doors and Windows

Doors and windows should be given upfront consideration when you want to deal with neighbor’s bass noise. Start with identifying any existent gaps and cracks around and on the door and window.

You will need to seal these gaps by using a proper sealant material like the acoustical caulk or a weatherstripping tape.

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There is a whole variety of soundproof materials you can apply on the door or window. For example, the soundproof curtains, the professional soundproofing blankets, window plugs (windows) and door sweeps for doors.

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Use acoustic foam panels on the door for reduction of noise.

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These methods cannot eliminate the noise 100 percent. Which should be making you think even further on other possible methods.

Solid core doors can be bought, although this needs a little bit of investment from your side. This door can be quite pricey but it’s worth a try.

The same thing goes with buying better windows, such as double-pane types.

4.   Soundproof Walls and Ceiling

The next target should be your walls and ceiling. Bass noise travels through the structural complexity of the block and concrete wall.

It is the most difficult type of noise to be stopped. Thus, you will need to be smart in your efforts to soundproof the walls against the bass.

But, here are a few ways to help you out:

  • Use fiberglass panels on the walls
  • You can add foam panels on the wall
  • Add mass loaded vinyl
  • Have drywall built on the wall.

All the four above are great ways to add more mass on the walls of your room. Try combining two or more or even all of them – you will be surprised how the annoying bass sound from your neighbors can be canceled effectively.

Acoustic panels are the cheapest option of them all. But still, you will be happy for the kind of performance these panels would bring on board.

You can attach them on the walls using a good adhesive such as this. I also recommend this much-trusted Foamily brand as your next choice.

The mass loaded vinyl and fiberglass can be installed by nailing or screwing them on the wall. Before then, you will have taken their correct measurements for resizing.

Don’t just mount a single sheet of drywall. You may increase your chances of success by adding a second layer of drywall for even greater results.

Make sure that the space between one layer or sheet of drywall is sealed off to make it airtight. That’s where the Green Glue product comes in.

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5.   Soundproof the Floor

If you are living upstairs, you want to ensure that the floor of your house is soundproofed too. Or else, there is a massive escape of sound waves through the floor (which also happens to be the ceiling of your downstairs neighbor).

Nobody learns how to reduce bass noise from neighbours without taking into account the room’s floor – if you are upstairs.

There are a number of ways to go about this.

To start with, the cheap DIY methods like covering the floor with as much thick and dense materials as possible is a worthwhile option. This could be heavy-duty carpeting mats or pads that are good at absorbing sound waves into their fabric structure.

The Mass Loaded Vinyl also comes in handy here alongside the rubber floor mats. As you already know, the MLV has been known to be a heavy material with a reliable thickness and effective at noise-deadening.

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Another well-placed method of blocking noise is the use of an acoustic underlayment. You just need plywood and Green Glue to complete the project.

To install the underlayment, you will have to remove the floor in order to access the subfloor. Place the underlayment and followed by two layers of plywood which are separated by Green Glue.

Return your floor as it was before.

This method is quite intensive in terms of labor and bucks.  So, you want to be ready for this. If you don’t understand how this process is done, get a professional DIYer for the project and pay them for the work.

Together with other methods, be sure that this option provides you with a great opportunity to deal with your neighbors loud bass.

6.   Use Bass Traps

To be specific with bass traps, they are devices that are used to trap or capture noise going through the walls of a house. In fact, bass traps are very effective in sound-dampening.

They absorb pretty much every low-frequency noise. Even the vibrations and noise produced by the heavy trucks are approaching your apartment if you live along a highway.

You will need to find the best quality bass traps on Amazon. When installing them, just place them in the room corners and that’s is it.

I have researched and think that this Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Trap. Professionally designed and versatile to its job.

7.   It is Time for the White Noise Machine

As a rule of thumb, urban apartments are strictly not supposed to be manipulated in the name of implementing soundproofing projects. Therefore, you can’t do much to get a quiet space.

Devices such as the white noise machines have come to the rescue of tenants. They help you drown the noise and you don’t need to drill holes or undo a floor.

A white noise machine technically eliminates the extraneous noises by producing its own sounds which drown or overlap these noises. These machines feature different types of sounds ranging from those that imitate nature such as a forest habitat and rainfall to those that play as ambient sounds.

To be truthful, while you will not experience a perfectly quiet environment, there is a hope of staying peaceful, at least, while you do your things, study, rest and even sleep.

Getting the outstanding device is no joke but I would introduce you to this Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine for ultimate sleeping and relaxation.

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8.   Wear Earmuffs or Headphones

You should also think about how to block bass noise using simple earmuffs and headphones.

If you leave alone in the room you may even go slow on the budget by simply buying earmuffs or headphones known to cancel sound waves. There are many of them in the market at great prices.

With the appropriate earmuffs like this set here, you can let your neighbor do as they wish; blast the volume while you enjoy your improvised quiet.

However, you may not like their feeling on ears if you have just started using them for the first time for this purpose. Once you get used to them, sleep will just be fine throughout the time as your stubborn neighbor kills himself with the loud bass.

What’s more, you will also use these devices to play and listen to music privately without offending or damaging someone’s peace. Of course, if you are not the other type of guys who prefer loudness to peace and quiet.

9.   Rearrange Your Home Furniture

You want to try out any possible means to live quiet. And rearranging your furniture could be one of those simplest methods you have overlooked.

Basically, you will need to place the furniture in the house: bookshelves, cabinets, wardrobe, etc. closer to the troublesome walls. Then fill them with books or clothes for the case of wardrobes.

You will notice a significant reduction in the levels and impact of the bass coming from your next door neighbor’s room.

Don’t also forget that your fabric covered seats can help your efforts. Just place them strategically – although it is tricky to obtain any useful results by using your couches especially by putting them closer to walls, doors, and windows.

Large paintings and decorative materials can be hung on the walls. Their contributions can be huge in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Bass noise can be very destructive both to the mental and the health status of a person. At the same time, it is quite difficult to control or stop this noise.

It comes in the form of physical action which is not usually airborne but rather occurring as impact noise.

I have started by telling you to first talk to your neighbor. If they are not willing to listen, the more confronting way of reporting to the landlord or police could be the only way out.

The problem with this strategy is obvious though – bad blood with your neighbors. The other methods can provide you with the timely help you need during these hard times.

I hope you will soon identify and implement the best method(s) on how to reduce bass noise from neighbours.

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