How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

So, are there some practical ways on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor?

It is not rare for refrigerators to be loud and noisy. Interestingly, many people are used to this noise and don’t, therefore, mind this problem with their appliances.

how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressorWhat you don’t know is that all the rattles, the buzzing, and the clatters can become dangerous to your hearing ability, soon. They can be unpleasing and annoying.

If you are stranded on the way forward regarding the incessant fridge noise, this article is for you. I want to share with you the different ways on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator.

I know how this noise can mess someone and create all sorts of disconcerts. But that’s ending soon.

Why Does Your Refrigerator Compressor Become Noisy?

Noise from a refrigerator can be caused by many different things. Let’s look at the various noises and how they are caused.

  1. Vibration Noise – this is caused by the uneven placement of the fridge on the floor.
  2. Dripping Noise – caused by the flow of oil in the compressor
  3. Hissing Noise – caused by the floor refrigerant
  4. Gurgling Noise – caused by the melting ice during the defrost cycle
  5. Water running noise – happens during the defrost cycle and water drips into the drain pan
  6. Buzzing noise/Clicking noise – occurs when the water inlet valve to dispense water
  7. Pulsating/Whirring noise – occurs when the fan or the compressor is readjusting for enhanced performance
  8. Popping noise – occurs when the inside walls contract and expand
  9. Rattling noise – this happens as a result of the water lines moving against the refrigerator cabinet or just by items being placed on top of the fridge
  10. Banging noise – occurs due to items on top of the refrigerator
  11. Sizzling noise – occurs during the defrost when water drips down the heater
  12. Clatter noise – as a result of ice cubes falling in the storage bin
  13. Grinding noise – occur due to the ice being removed from the ice maker mold
  14. Water dribbling sound – these happen because of the flow of oil in the compressor or flow of compressor refrigerant
  15. Compressor running too long noise – for higher efficiency, the compressor and fans can be left to run longer or slower.

The above are the different types of noise emitted by a refrigerator and their causes.

Here are 10 Easy And Practical Ways On How To Quiet A Noisy Refrigerator Compressor.

1.   Find Out the Cause of the Noise

It is important that you diagnose the source of the refrigerator compressor noise. The following areas are key suspects that you don’t want to leave out in this operation:

Floor Vibrations: floor vibrations are very common and they are produced particularly when the fridge is not positioned on the floor correctly.

If the legs of the fridge are uneven on the floor, it will vibrate. Therefore, place the fridge by making the legs sit on the same level.

Then, you can also use a thick rubber mat underneath the fridge. This is installed with the goal of absorbing the vibrations being produced.

Also, get some anti-vibration pads and place them under the legs of your fridge. It’s even better if you combine the two methods as you will enhance the quiet.

Check if fans are releasing noise because they are faulty in one way or another and replace them. Screw back the loos handles and door so that the rattling can stop.

2.   Apply Acoustic Foam

The second method you want to try out to tackle a noisy fridge is the use of the acoustic foams. Acoustic foams are some of the most effective noise absorbing materials on the market.

They are able to cut the noise produced by 50-90%. So, to install the foams, just attach the panels into the wall behind your fridge.

Of course, you want to ensure that the back of the fridge is touching the panel. This arrangement ensures that all the sound from the fridge is trapped or damped in the acoustic panels right behind.

Check these panels on Amazon: Foam World USA 12-Pack Acoustic Panels. They are known for use in studios but come with great acoustic control and treatment.

3.   Construct a Wooded Housing and Place the Fridge

Try building a wooded encasement or housing in order to place your fridge inside. It’s not hard to make one actually.

When constructing the housing, you need to ensure that you don’t cover the entire structure. Don’t cover all the sides.

This is important for the ventilation which is necessary for the fridge. The open side can also be the point to allow adding soundproofing materials like the acoustic foam panels etc.

4.   Clean the Fans and the Compressor

This is a very simple practice – cleaning the dirt and dust on the fan and compressor of the fridge. It helps a lot because this is a maintenance practice.

Cleaning the fridge is one step ahead as far as maintenance is concerned. A clean fridge is likely to be quiet compared to a dirty one.

Unless the noise in the clean is a result of a functional problem.

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5.   Fill the Fridge with Items

You can also make sure that the noisy refrigerator is filled with items. An empty container makes the loudest noise – you probably have heard of this saying before.

When you fill the fridge with stuff, it stabilizes. The empty fridge turns on and off but a filled fridge doesn’t because it has items to take care of.

So, get containers and fill them with water and place them inside the fridge. You will be surprised by how much noise this simple hack can reduce.

6.   Move the Fridge to Another Location

The other viable alternative is to reposition your refrigerator. Perhaps the reason why you are hearing the noise is due to bad placement.

If you had initially kept it close to the living room, make sure that you move it away from there. You could send it to the kitchen so that the unwanted noise can reduce, at least away from the living room.

7.   Use White Noise Sounds

I think this method is just a temporary remedy on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor. However, this is a great alternative.

It involves the use of the white noise machines which can play melodies to counter the buzzing sounds of the refrigerator. The result is the muffling of noise from the fridge.

While you play these machines, you could be preparing a more permanent solution behind the scene. Here is a white noise machine one can try out and see what comes out.

8.   Soundproof the Fridge Inside

Soundproofing the inside of the fridge should definitely be something to try out when other solutions seem to be taking the same path – failure. This would reduce refrigerator noise to the largest extent but not to the perfect state.

You can use the Mass Loaded Vinyl to cover the inside of the fridge. As you know this material is one of the best and most effective at reducing airborne noises.

Inside soundproofing may however not be enough. You can also locate the motor and cover it with the MLV.

The other alternative application of the MLV is to place it under the fridge and attach some on the wall behind and around the fridge. It can help reduce a significant amount of noise.

9.   Get a Professional to Repair

Last but not least get an expert repairer. That is if all the methods tried out can’t just reduce the refrigerator noise.

The expert will definitely find the problem and fix because that’s their job. You just need to be prepared to pay them well so if the budget allows, bring one expert home.

The cost of repair will be high – that’s for sure.

10.  Last Resort – Buy a New Refrigerator

If the rubber hits the road, break the bank and buy a new refrigerator. Remember to buy the best quiet model to avoid the noise-making trouble from the onset.

You have already had enough of them. And the best way to handle a problem is by overhauling it completely.

Buying a new fridge doesn’t only mean that you’ve buried the problems for good, but also that you will now concentrate on better projects other than the fridge.

Note that you need to have a really good budget to get yourself a good fridge. So prepare for this but perhaps, it’s the best solution for you.

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The above ten methods on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor may just be your solution-in-waiting. If you tried one or two, it’s time to combine different methods together.

A combination gives the most reliable results.

It’s good to understand that there is a normal noise that a fridge emits. It may not be 100% possible to eliminate it; so don’t be overly disappointed.

One last shot, I forgot to mention about replacing the compressor if the noise there is very persistent. Just instead of buying a whole refrigerator, only consider acquiring a new compressor and substitute.

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