Here’s How to Make Heels Quieter: 10 Easy Ways.

This is your guide to easy and practical ways on how to make heels quieter to avoid hate glances

There’s a good number of self-loving people that wouldn’t care about the click-clack sound of their high-heels when they walk on hard floors. I know how elevating this euphoria can become.

 how to make loud shoes quietAs other people twitch their necks to steal glances at you. As onlookers leave their business to admire your style – it’s just breathtaking.

It’s freaking fine to have such heels for a casual event where off-the-cuff wears are expected in the full measure. And where the drama of clicking noises can be entertained.

But it turns out that the noisy heels may not be appropriate everywhere. Unless you’re holding your resignation letter in the hand, you just don’t click-clack in a professional space.

Or in a hospital where patients are having a rest or a recording studio where even a small crash of the fly can be heard.

If you’re embroiled into the dilemma on how to make heels quieter, and you’re still reading this guide, you’ve hit it spot on. I will reveal to you a bunch of ways you can use to sort this thing out.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Heels Quieter

1.   Attach High Heel Caps

It is already common knowledge that pointy high/thin heels can yield serious noises when one is walking on tiled or wood floors and other hard surfaces. Usually, the heels are fitted with metal parts that are supposed to keep you stable and safe.

However, the metal parts are the culprits for the clicking sounds. But that can stop if you buy and attach high heel caps on those pointy heels.

Fitting these caps is easy-peasy and you won’t spend much of your time.

The high heel caps can even act as protectors and supporters to provide further stability. The caps come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Depending on what your needs are, choose the best on the market – they are so many.

Personally, I would recommend a number of them including these GoGoHeel caps These caps are the best for silencing your heel tip noises and you also get to benefit from their anti-slipping properties.

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The 2 black pairs have been reported to be durable and can protect the heel to enhance its life. Also, they fit seamlessly that no one would easily find out the little secret on your heels.

Just make sure you change the pair when the other wears out. Two pairs should keep you long enough.

Overall, caps are a timely remedy to help you stop irritating anyone you pass by. Particularly in an official environment.

2.   Use Rubber Soles

Everyone knows that rubber materials are seasoned for absorbing impact and shock. Rubber soles can be great when it comes to reducing the noise your shoes are producing.

Now the shoe may have quiet heels, but the front sole taps still make up for considerable noise. Rubber soles or rubber grip pads can be installed on your shoe to cut down the amount of sound emitted.

To have this sole on, seek the services of a shoe cobbler. Although they will ask for a fairly good amount of money, they’ll get the rubber fixed on the shoe anyway.

With this sole, your shoe’s traction is also improved.

Here are 16 Pcs of Anti Slip Non-Skid Shoe Pads to use for your shoes. The beauty about them is the self-adhesiveness and they as well fit on different shoe sizes.

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3.   Simply Wear Sound Booties

A very straightforward method is to wear sound booties. Talking about sound booties, these are textile slippers with an elastic opening and mostly, you will find them used in movie and music studios.

These booties are worn on the whole shoe so that when you walk, no sounds are produced. However, these may not be the best to use outside music studios.

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4.   Make Use of a Duct Tape

Duct tape is a common thing in most houses. And it can be a timely intervention in times like this when you need something to help your loud shoes.

With duct tape, considering that this is just a temporary method you decided to use, for the time being, you will be able to minimize noise.

The downside is that slipping will still be there. So, being cautious would be vital.

Before you fit the duct tape, first clean the heels with water to eliminate any dust and debris. After the heels dry, you can cut the tape into several tiny pieces.

Attach these pieces on the bottom of your heel. Arrange them in layers because the more layers mean better results.

5.   Apply Gel Foot Cushions

The other easy method on how to make loud shoes quiet features gel cushions which offer a grip on the shoe. But from inside.

Actually, just a small background. This method applies for those of us with large sized shoes which don’t fit well.

To cub the clapping of the shoes as you walk, you may need something to hold your feet in place. This also prevents the slipping of the foot forward every step you make.

The other benefit you can derive by using the gel cushions is that they reduce the impact of the heels on your feet. This is due to the soft sensation created by this material inside the shoe.

You can try this Foot Petals Fancy Feet Cushions. They will enable you to wear those hard impact shoes without feeling scared.

They are invisible and anti-slip.

6.   Make Your Own DIY Heel Pads

You could also hone your skills by getting into the entire game of making the heel pads yourself. It’s a good way of saving costs.

You can use a variety of materials on the market in making these pads. Just be prudent to know what materials to use under which circumstances.

The materials for DIY pads could include non-slip rubber foam, transparent rubber bumpers, anti-skid felt furniture pads, cork pads.

Rubber is a common material. And overall, the best because of its better traction, non-slip nature and offers more stability compared to other products.

7.   Apply Gaffer Tape on Heels

I talked about the duct tape. But also, an interesting fitment is here in the name of gaffer tape.

If you are wondering how to make heels quieter using this tape, it’s actually not so much different from what you saw with the duct tape.

But the gaffer tape is thought to be more effective at this job. This material is made of fabric rather than vinyl and it’s resistant to heat compared to the duct tape.

So you will follow the same process when fitting it on the heel of the shoe. And make sure that you layer up in order to create enough thickness for better sound and impact absorption.

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8.   Buy Quieter High-Heel Shoes

You may not have time for all and sundry: getting click-less high heel protectors or other products. But if you don’t mind spending, just go the easy way – buy new shoes but this time quiet ones even if they have heels.

The good thing is that nowadays, shoemakers or manufacturers are making shoes that can meet all types of needs. So whether you want quite shoes or loud ones, you will find them on the market.

You only remain with the easy option of choosing which brand to go for.

These quiet heel shoes are designed using rubber materials. Rubber, as we have learned, is very good in neutralizing shocks and impact on the heels and even the toes.

When you go shopping for these type of shoes, pay close attention to the heels. They should be soundproofed with rubber.

9.   Rub the Bottom of the Heels with Sandpaper

It’s possible that your shoes came with a rubber sole and still, the quacks are being heard when you walk. Here’s a simple trick – just take sandpaper and rub the underside of the heel.

The nature or texture of the rubber may change and your shoe stops squeaking.

10. Change the Way You Walk in Your Shoes

Sometimes we get obsessed with all those elements involved in modifying the physical aspects of our shoes. Interestingly the problem could be us – the way you walk matters.

It’s not just about quiet shoes.

You can change your behavioral aspect of walking. Avoid hard surfaces if possible and necessary. That’s to mean that choose to walk on carpets and rugs or any soft materials that won’t create the impact and noise.

Also, you should not wear loose shoes. And lower the height of your feet. Just walk in moderately measured steps.

In Conclusion

If you have understood these methods on how to make heels quieter, I don’t think it’s going to hard for you get through. Don’t just toss away the lovely shoes that cost you hundreds of dollars.

You can use one or a mix of different ways to quiet your shoes and be at peace as you walk anywhere.

Each method mentioned in this guide can be applied in specific circumstances. Read the status quo before you decide on which method.

Remember, the clicking and clacking sounds are not very bad, at least not in all situations.

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