How to Break a Window Silently and Safely.

How to break a window silently! Are you trying to be a burglar or something? Nope – that’s not the intention here. how to break a window quietly

I can give a dozen reasons why you may need to break a glass window like a pro. Without making noise as well as the breakage mess out of it.

Here is the deal. You want to renovate – let’s say you’ve been thinking about making a replacement of the old window panes.

Even more practically, let’s suppose you’ve been embroiled in an emergency call to action. Someone or you are stuck inside your own home after misplacing door keys.

The windows cannot open because, well, sometimes they just don’t open. This kind of situation will need the breaking of the glass.

And you want to do it with decorum. Not disturbing your neighbor or raising a few eyebrows around the area. No busting by the police.

Have you come to wonder if there’s a decent method of doing this? That’s exactly what I didn’t think you knew.

So, I made a guide to help you break a window without noise.

Let’s find out what’s in here.

9 Hacks – How to Break a Window Silently Like a Pro.

I’ve compiled 9 different ways you may approach this job. Check out which one makes the cut and implement it happily.

1.   Place a Thick Blanket or Pillow On the Floor

This is where we start today. This is a very simple trick where you lay a thick blanket or pillow below the window.

Once you start working on the glass and the pieces are breaking off, they will fall on this blanket. You’d rather make sure that the blankets are arranged in several layers to create a better muffler.

Remember you can use duct tape to cover one side of the window. As you hit the pane, much of the impact noise is significantly reduced.

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2.   Using the Ceramic Part of Spark Plug

Can a spark plug break window silently? The answer is yes.

The white, non-metallic ceramic insulator comes in handy on a spark plug. You can use it to break glass material and a few people will notice what’s going on.

When you are using a spark plug, aim to hit the corners of the glass. This means you will have to avoid the center if you are going to see a job being well done.

As little as it might look, the tool does a better quiet job than a safety hammer.

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3.   Try the Automatic Steel Center Punch

Not only does the steel center punch work the glass quietly, but it also does it pretty fast. The tool works by making a dimple in the glass material.

You’ve got to press it against the glass and the impulse from its spring gets released to drive the punch for the dimple to be created. And the glass is broken quietly without too much noisy theatrics.

The automatic center steel punch is very easy to use. You can get it from Amazon like this Lisle 30280 Automatic Center Punch.

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4.   Make Use of Emergency/Safety Hammer

It is important to have your emergency hammer wherever you are. Whether you are traveling, ensure it’s right beside you in the first aid kit

Coming with a metallic tip, seat belt cutter, and a plastic handle, a specialized hammer is a small tool that knocks glass down silently. But you have to use it correctly.

For instance, start by tapping the corners of the glass window for effective results.

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5.   Use an EMT Device

For professional breaking of glass, an EMT device is going to save the day. Well, the device is used to break car windows but it’ll still do a fantastic job on the standard windows for home.

When using this device, you can hardly hear any noise coming out. But you want to make sure that none is even heard when the glass finally lands on the ground.

So, use blankets or thick pillows to form that surface for quiet landing.

6.   Make Proper Use of a Regular Hammer

Yes. The regular hammer can become that handy. And you can learn how to break a window silently using it without a fuss.

The principle is still the same. You begin hitting the glass at the corners as you advance for a clean job.

For a quieter work environment, cover the glass with duct tape. And lay thick blankets on the floor for a silent fall of the glass pieces.

7.   Apply Duct Tape Inside and Outside the Glass

Another sure way of getting the breaking job done is to cover the entire glass. This trick probably takes plenty of time so if you are in a hurry, you may be disappointed already.

Make sure that you collect a lot of duct tape. Because you will need to use it to cover both the inside and outside of the windowpane.

Finished applying the duct tape? Smash the glass with an appropriate tool and you will see no mess of broken glass shards around the surface. Most of the noise will also be dampened.

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8.   Just a Piece of Porcelain Can Finish the Job

Sometimes you try figuring what tool is in your hand. And you cannot see any.

Whether you are in an emergency inside of your car or home, a porcelain bit is quite a handy emergency tool. You simply throw the bit towards the window and it will smash the glass into tiny pieces.

The good thing about the porcelain is that they are available in nearly all toolboxes. So getting started with them is not a hell of a task.

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9.   Combine the Different Methods Above

Finally, try blending different ways of felling the glass. No single method will give 100 percent results.

Or otherwise stated, you shouldn’t expect zero decibels by deploying one method only. The cocktail approach that leverages the capability of various methods will handle the activity much better and more quiet will be achieved.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to mention that a cocktail forms the quietest way to break a car window or a window in your home. However, it will test your patience.

Because you are going to need to involve all the eight tactics I’ve talked about.

Here Are the Safety Measures When Breaking Glass.

When you are working with glass, it’s necessary to take precautions. Some of them include the following:

  • Stay Protected

Ensure that before you start working on the glass, put on protective gear. In that respect, you will need long-sleeved jackets, safety goggles, a pair of gloves, boots, and of course, be careful.

  • Know the Glass Type You’re Breaking

Since different windows come with different types of glasses, be sure to note which type you will be handling. Regular glass does break with a lot of noise than safety glass.

  • Keep Children and Pets Away

Don’t allow any children or pets roaming around the area of breaking glass. They should be out sight as they are probably going to be curious and end up walking or sniffing on the broken pieces.

And in the end, this will hurt them. Completely don’t draw their attention to your working site.

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In Conclusion

Most of the methods on how to break a window silently are easy but will go a long way to muffle noise when breaking glass. Whether you are working on a car window or a window on your home.

Besides, they are inexpensive and the tools and materials for use are easily available on the market. As you work on the glass, protection is key. Remember to pull on the right jacket, the right shoes, goggles, and gloves.

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