How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally- Noisy Neighbors Revenge.

This is how to annoy upstairs neighbors legally and get away with it!

Living with freaky noise-making upstairs neighbors can unsettle your life a ton. Whether it’s the ever-increasing stomps, fights, blasted music, or drums, etc., the noise can cast a living spell inside of your head.How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

How frustrating this can be! But, what should you? Be kind and watch on as the drama unfolds your way?

Run from the apartment and seek asylum elsewhere from another neighborhood?

Sometimes you when you sit down to think – and the options are few. You can only feel helpless, devoid of the ideas to counter such annoying nemeses.

Here is what I think. You can try to neutralize the haunting. If you follow this post right to the end, you should be well-furnished with strategies on how to annoy upstairs neighbors, legally.

And the next time you come back home, it’s time for the “who’s going to win?” sort of duel.

The good thing is that the tactics I am going to put forward are purely acceptable by law. So you shouldn’t expect anything crazy and outside the norm.

If, for example, I recommend kidnapping your problematic neighbor (Sounds bad already). Then send them elsewhere to a different geographic location, it’s inhumane. It’s illegal.

And it may not take long until the cops knock on your door. Suspect located.

You don’t want to do these things outside the laws of the land, do you?

Well then, see this.

Here Are 10 Ideas on How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally..

1.     First, Work On Yourself

Before you start to think about how to annoy your upstairs neighbor, ask yourself if the problems first erupted from your end. Very important.

You don’t want to point fingers to other people if your conduct is annoying. Because sometimes you receive what you give to others.

If you always crank up the volume to enjoy the latest rock rhythms, what do you expect at the least? Or wake up at dawn to blend a smoothie with a noisy machine. The guy on the north won’t spare you either – unless they’re reasonable.

Therefore, I would recommend that you evaluate your actions. When you find out that there’s an ill that aches the next door fellows, work it out and watch if your touchy neighbor persists.

Don’t even think of forcing a duel that you initiated in the first place. Else, you don’t want to look evil and foolish all in one go!

2.     Talk to Your Neighbor

If you think you are clean, talk to your neighbor. All it takes to become a peacemaker is being bold to face your antagonist in the eye.

You never know. Perhaps, that move is the only thing they were waiting to see you make.

Make sure that you meet them in the right place and at the right time. So you are not meeting the person at wee hours morning or in the night or when they are rushing for work.

Also, talk nicely. It should not be like, “bitch, you suck – and I want you to break this shit”.

Did you know that some people still detest being talked to face down? Even if it were on a good note.

3.     Knock On Their Door

Knocking on your neighbor’s door especially at hours they are in bed or in the middle of something important can help. You just need to ensure that the knocking action is genuine.

When they open the door, they shouldn’t even know your mind. Pretend as though everything is perfect and you need some help with everything.

4.     Try to Use the Ceiling Vibrator

A ceiling vibrator is a good tool for effecting loud neighbors’ revenge. The tool is popular among the Chinese flat dwellers.

The vibrator is designed as a floor-thumping device that you can attach on the ceiling as soon as the upstairs neighbor begins their loud theatrics. Just turn it on and whoever lives over you will soon be knocking on your door – busted and dusted and annoyed.

This gadget is quite cheap. At just about $20, you should have a fully assembled unit under your roof from

5.     Apply Petroleum or Vaseline Jelly on Their Door Knob

Another way to deal with loud upstairs neighbors is to apply a Vaseline jelly on their doorknob. You should do it while they are away.

Make sure that you are not caught smearing. When they come back, the jelly will make it a tad hard just turning the knob to open the door.

Besides, this Vaseline feels naturally unpleasant on parts like doorknobs.

6.     Play a Racquetball or Tennis ball

You can as well turn your ceiling into some sort of a playing pitch for tennis. Grab a tennis ball and do a “Rafael Nadal’ or a “Serena Williams”.

Ensure that you hit the thing so hard on the ceiling and make the hits successive. Oh, the neighbor must be home to hear the drama loud and clear.

And it’s great if your timing is also right in the crucial hours. Do it very early in the morning or late in the evening for effectiveness.

7.     Be Persistent with Warning Them

Whether it’s writing notes or talking face to face, you must show some level of persistence. Insist and let him know their habit is sucking.

You will soon get under their skin when you keep doing this regularly. The problem with many complainants is that you talk to your neighbor only once and call it off.

Nope, this is never going to work for a thick-headed fellow living upstairs. So show them that you mean it and that you are allergic to the theatrics.

8.     Use Your Alarm Clock

It’s fine your rowdy neighbor will keep you awake when you need the sleep. If they normally sleep during the day after you leave for your day’s activities, make sure to let them know you are angry.

Leave behind your alarm clock set to cover you during the day. Or during the time they will be needing to sleep so badly.

Place the clock somewhere that it can unleash its blaring sound right to the target. Probably leave it in the open window sill and your neighbor will have to think twice about their actions next time.

9.     Talk to the Neighbor Above Them

The other conventional way on how to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors is to try to talk with the person living above them. You may find out that they don’t like their behavior too.

If you agree, you can face the ‘freaking guy’ both of you. Maybe, just maybe he could be frightened by the prospect of having to deal with two or more haters.

10.Call the Cops

Many people never want to see cops sniffing around their apartments. And yes your neighbor could be among them.

I also know that some crazy stompers, yellers, screamers, etc. won’t give a damn when you send cops their way. It could be a real duel between you and them.

However, some will freak out and cool down a bit of their toll.

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In Conclusion

You just never know the perfect method on how to annoy upstairs neighbors legally. You can try out as many ways as it gets worse for you.

But one thing is for sure, always show a great level of commitment in your efforts to stop your neighbor from cutting under your skin. He or she must know that they are puffing a spell cloud inside your head! For real.

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