How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Room?

Nobody wants to start a soundproofing project of any nature without asking the common question: how much does it cost to soundproof a room?how much does it cost to soundproof a room

Of course, this should be a valid concern for those involved.

It’s important to note that there are literally tens of methods on how to soundproof a room. Now the cost depends on which one you choose, and other factors.

But we can find an average cost to give you a rough idea.

Perhaps you want a magic figure. Well let’s have a glimpse at this:

So, how much does it cost to soundproof a room? Generally, homeowners operate in the $1,015 – $2,585 range. Which would give us averagely $ 1,746 – to soundproof one room.

The cost of purchasing materials for soundproofing and labor are included. However, additional costs such as removing insulation, structure modifications are not covered by the figure above.

Just to provide you with a useful tip:

The price indicated above may not be the true, actual case on the ground. It turns out that this can shoot up abnormally and that’s going to be inevitable. It really depends on the magnitude of your project and how much you are willing to allocate for the budget.

What is the Actual Cost of Soundproofing a Room?

This depends on several things.

For example, the size or complexity of the project. Small-sized rooms would definitely not require a lot of money.

Again, the easy projects that don’t need any special attention don’t break banks. In the same regard, there is no need to mention that it’d cost a dime for large, complex soundproofing jobs.

Other than the size of the room, we have the quality of the materials used on the project. High-quality materials tend to be effective.

Consequently, they are expensive compared to other materials. Apart from these two, homeowners should also take into account the location of the project.

Thus, in summary, the cost to soundproof a room is not a fixed value. It changes with other factors as well.

I’ll be moving you through the individual costs of soundproofing each key part of a room i.e. the wall, ceiling, window, and floor.

Soundproofing Material Costs.

In this section, I am going to update you on some of the popular choices soundproofing materials as well as the cost of purchasing them.

  • Carpeting – carpets absorb sound and can also add to the beauty of the interior décor. The average cost of a soundproof carpet for a single room is $ 1,080.
  • Soundproof Curtains and Wall Hangings – soundproofing with curtains, drapes, and tapestries or decorative rugs are common. They come with variable costs but on average, $100 or below.
  • Foam Insulation – this is used to fill the gaps in walls. The cost is $1.40/sq.ft. to $3/sq.ft.
  • Acoustic tiles – used on the ceilings or walls and can cost $10 per tile (20×20 inches).
  • Acoustic foam – because of its versatility, this material can be used on wall, ceilings, and floors. Its price ranges from $10 to $100.
  • Drywall – $40 per sheet

I will definitely let you know of more soundproofing materials in the subsequent sections as we get to learn the different methods of getting the job done.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Wall?

Walls are the largest part of a room. Soundproofing a wall is no easy feat and therefore can cost a lot of money.

There are many effective methods to have your wall protected from unwanted noise.

1.     Mass Loaded Vinyl

So far, if you’ve been following me, MLV is familiar material. It is one of the best soundproofing materials one can apply to their walls.

It helps muffle both impact noise and airborne noise altogether. this versatility makes it a go-for remedy to all types of noise.

And the cost implications of this method are not harsh to the pocket. Because you’re actually using a single material to soundproof your wall to control a variety of noises.

MLV costs around $200 for 100 square feet. You could use this material both on the inside of the wall or on a wall’s surface.

You are going to need a good adhesive for attachment onto a wall’s surface. Although the best way to maximize its effectiveness is to install the material inside the wall.

2.     Mineral Wool Batts

Mineral wool batts are also known as Rockwool batts. Mineral wool batts are thick and dense in structure and therefore very effective as a soundproofing material.

In fact, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, and price, this material comes second. Mineral wool batts costs around $55 on online stores like Amazon.

To install, you will need to insert the wool batts between joists to add extra thickness to your walls. So, it’s commonly used during construction.

The cost mentioned above covers 60 sheets of 48×24 inches in size and 2 inches in thickness.

Take note that you need to resize these sheets using a knife. But put on gloves as the small particles of the mineral wool batts can have an irritating feeling on your skin.

3.     Acoustic Panels

You can go for acoustic tiles if your intent is to block low-to-medium frequency noise. This is so to say that the acoustic panels are not as good as the first two methods.

But they will still do the job just fine.

You have the liberty to choose between foam panels or fiberglass panels. The former does finish the job perfectly when it comes to deadening lesser noise in a room.

Be sure to use fiberglass panels in case the noise is twice as much.

For a DIY project, installing these materials on the wall is hassle-free. The only thing to do is to spray the panels (on their back) with an adhesive and stick on the wall. Or hang them with a strip.

4.     Regular Drywall

How much does it cost to soundproof a wall with regular drywall?

When it comes to regular drywall material, it’s all about adding mass to the wall. According to Home Advisor, the cost to install drywall is somewhere about $1.50/sq.ft.

Combined with labor this can rise to within the $40-$60 range. And a typical 12 x 12 feet room will need 12 panels – at the overall cost of $480-$720.

This clearly a cheap route to getting your room soundproofed.

5.     Soundproof Drywall

Unlike the regular drywall, soundproof drywall is built exactly for that purpose – blocking out sound waves. And the structure is, therefore built with additional properties to promote its soundproofing ability.

It’s for this reason that the now true soundproofing drywall is sold expensively. Almost double the price of the regular one.

You will need roughly between $100 to $1200 for a 12 by 12 feet room.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Ceiling.

Ceiling soundproofing can pause a hell of a challenge and the reason for this is gravity. Otherwise, the materials we’ve seen up there can be used here as well.

Which is why it’ll be key to involve a professional DIYer to help. If you don’t call them, then you’ll definitely need a helping hand from another person, a friend or family member.

As you climb on the table or chair to install the MLV or foam panels, the other person would be holding tools and the materials for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Window.

You can definitely use many different methods. For example, we have the soundproof curtains, window plug, or weatherstripping among others.

1.     Soundproofing Curtains

The soundproofing curtains could also be referred to as drapes. And are good for both soundproofing and thermal insulation.

The quality of these curtains needs to unbeatable. Buy thick, heavy materials that cover the whole window completely on its width and length.

The price for these curtains is usually around $25. Very affordable indeed. But of course, you need a curtain rod to hang on it; which also may not cost you above $20.

2.     Window Plug

How much does it cost to soundproof a room’s windows using the window plugs? The straight answer here is $50 or below for a standard window.

With window plugs, you will need to make your own. Because you don’t buy these ones on the market – you may buy the materials you need to make them such as the acoustic foam, panels, and a handle.

The good part is that it’s easy. And you can definitely do it yourself within no time with very little investments.

3.     Seal the Gaps

These are gaps between the window and its frame. You may overlook these gaps in the first place but it’s a real noise problem.

You probably know that noise or sound can travel through the smallest channels possible.

Anyway, for this, you are going to need a weatherstripping tape to seal these gaps. And the weatherstrip costs not more than $15.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Door.

Door soundproofing is not too much of a difference from walls. As you know, most of the doors come hollow.

So, there is a need for adding more mass to create thicker barriers to block noise.

1.     Moving Blankets

Moving blankets have been known to be great soundproofing options. You will need to apply them in more than just a single layer on your door.

With just a few nails or adhesive, you can easily attach blankets on the door.

A 72 x 80-inch blanket like this one costs you about $40. This is going to be okay for one door; with other small costs include such as those for nails, tucks, etc, you may find out that at just $60, the door is properly soundproofed.

2.     Acoustic Panels

No need to repeat the price for acoustic panels. You can have them installed on the door as they are great just about anywhere.

There are different types of panels; keep in mind the fiberglass panels which are pricier than, let’s say, acoustic foams. But they are of superior quality.

To install them, you need to spray an adhesive first or hanging strips. Then stick them or hang them.

3.     Seal Gaps in the Door

All the gaps in the door can sneak in a lot of noise. You simply need to seal them.

The gaps under the door, between the door and its frame and sometimes cracks in the door. Around the frame gaps, you need a weatherstripping tape.

A door sweep should be ideal for the open spaces on the bottom of the door. This material comes with self-adhesive properties so its installment is quite straightforward.

A silicone door sweep would cost you just $10. While as said earlier, the weatherstrip is less than $20. The combined cost for this job may as well be less than $30.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Floor.

Soundproof flooring costs are not that huge. As we clearly know, not much noise comes from the floor.

Instead, floor soundproofing is done to prevent echoes as a result of sound waves bouncing off the hard surface and in the process reverberating.

Thick carpets, although expensive, they can reduce a lot of echoes. They also act as thermal insulators.

Total costs for this could somewhere around $100.

Without leaving anything vital out, if you live in an apartment downstairs or upstairs, you may need to seriously consider to soundproof your floor.

And the best option for this job is installing a subfloor or floor underlay. Then green glue should be applied on the subfloor before adding a surface layer of the floor. Done!

My Final Thoughts

As you have probably seen, the question of how much does it cost to soundproof a room may not have a sure answer. This is because the costs vary from one method to another, from one size of the room to another and perhaps from place to place.

Also, the material type you are using can affect this cost. In that regard, the rather expensive materials such as fiberglass panels do a better soundproofing job.

With that said, it’s key to note that for best soundproofing outcomes, the quality of materials you are using should be great. And it’s the quality that also determines how much it costs to get the job done right.

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