Cheap Soundproofing Material That Works!

Did you know tha you can easily get cheap soundproofing material for your diy soundproofing project? See the top 20 effective sound absorbing materials to use today

For soundproofing specialists, you know that your project would never stall due to lack of enough building materials. The market is saturated with different kinds of soundproofing materials.

sound absorbing materialSome are best for sound absorbing and dampening. Others are meant to help in sound insulation, decoupling, etc.

And the best thing is that most of them are fairly cheap and affordable. I know that out of this list I am going to produce, a few products will raise one or two concerns.

But then you have a full range of dissimilar products in form. You can choose absolutely what’s going to work for you and leave what’s not up to the task.

After all, the success of a given product hugely depends on the magnitude or severity of the noise problem.

So, in this guide, I have packaged a 20-cheap soundproofing material list. You can get what you want, I am pretty sure about that.

Different Types of Soundproofing Materials.

It’s good that you understand the type of soundproofing materials you will be handling. Just keep in the mind that different projects require specific interventions.

The most common categories are acoustic foams, sound insulation, acoustic fabrics, sound deadeners, floor underlayment, sound dampening spray, architectural soundproofing among many others.

However, according to the Physics of sound transmission, the following four principles are the skeleton for effective soundproofing. They actually determine the working of the different types mentioned above.

The principles include:

  • Mass

That airborne noise can be stopped using solid heavy and thick soundproof materials. They include the use of furniture and products such as mass loaded vinyl or drywall.

So mass is good at only the airborne noise and not the blasting impact noise.

  • Damping

The other principle is damping and specifically works through damping compounds like Green Glue or Silicon Caulk. The process occurs the certain properties in these products convert sound energy into heat bits making a sound to stop.

Usually, the compounds are stashed between layers of panels. This could be sheets of drywall or plywood which would be the screwed together.

The damping compounds are the most effective sound dampening material.

  • Decoupling

Some of the materials on this list stop sound through decoupling. This process involves creating gaps in the structure of a building.

The result is the disconnected pathways for sound transmission. Sound waves and vibrations are therefore interrupted.

The materials used for decoupling are best installed during the construction phase of the building to avoid complexities. Although it’s still very much possible to do that even on completed projects.

Resilient channels are the perfect example of the soundproofing material that’s used to decouple sound waves.

  • Absorption

Materials such as acoustic foam are associated with sound absorption. With sound-absorbing materials, the indoor acoustic quality of a room is greatly improved, which explains why they are common in acoustic music and video recording studios.

Here are 20 Amazingly Cheap Soundproofing Material and Products that Work

1.      Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels (Buy On Amazon) are used to reduce noise, echoes, and reverberations. But don’t expect these to grind out the perfect results.

They should be better used as awesome soundproofing alternatives for a temporary solution. However, look elsewhere if you want a quieter environment.

It’s no doubt that acoustic foam panels are easy to install and use. Moreover, they are very affordable in the market.

You will find them commonly used in small to medium rooms. So, anything a recording studio, control boardrooms amongst others.

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2.      Low-Frequency Sound Absorbing Bass Traps

These acoustic materials, as the name suggests, are used to stop bass noise or sounds. Of course, they can absorb any other low-frequency sounds.

Apart from being affordable options for noise control, the bass traps (Buy On Amazon) are some of the most convenient products to work with.

Installation is a breeze – just place them somewhere in the corner of the house. And yet, they are incredible at thwarting the impact noise.

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3.      Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains (Buy On Amazon) have been in this industry for long. And they are here to stay.

Coming in unrivaled style and fashion, the curtains for soundproofing are thick and dense by design. So compared to the regular curtains, their function is distinctly different.

To make the curtains more effective, they are triple-woven; three layers of woven materials are set onto each other. The middle sheet is heavier and carries the sound blocking or absorbing properties of that particular curtain.

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Sound blocking curtains can also be used as blackout shades. They can be installed on the windows, doors and the wall as well.

Using the soundproof curtains is cheap and affordable, while it can give you some of the best environments to relax in.

You could buy the curtains with grommets for easier installation.

4.      Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof Blankets (Buy On Amazon) are nowadays very common in may projects. These products are thicker, denser, heavier and sturdier than the soundproof curtains.

The blankets shouldn’t be confused with the ordinary blankets we know. Because they are more than that – grommets have been applied along their edges to offer easier installation.

Basically, it would be right to say that they are an upgrade to curtains. However, soundproof curtains are not the most attractive materials to use for your projects.

Most of the  soundproof blankets are about 80 inches long and 72 inches wide in size. So you could estimate how many would complete a given project from these measurements.

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5.      Door Sealing Gasket and Sweeps

Door sealing gaskets and Sweeps (Buy On Amazon)are sound barrier materials used around the door. The spaces and openings around the door frame and below the door can leak in a lot of noise.

With a good gasket material, these gaps can be sealed. The gasket can also absorb any sound waves coming into the house or leaving the house through those specific points.

Door sweeps, on the other hand, can be installed on the bottom part of the door to seal the gap between the door and the floor. Usually, the door sweep is screwed on the bottom while its lower end sweeps the floor.

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6.      Weather-strip Door Kit

When looking for the best cheap soundproofing material, no way wouldn’t have a weather-strip kit on your list. It has a place here too.

After soundproofing your home, you would still encounter a noise problem. The possible culprits are usually small gaps, cracks, and spaces on the door, and around it.

These must be sealed as they would neutralize your project back to nothingness. That’s where weather-stripping comes in.

Weather-strips (Buy On Amazon) are used to seal these tiny gaps in and around the door. It’s completely easy and fast to have the weather-strips installed on your door.

They are cheap products and readily available on the market.

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7.      Green Glue Noise-Proofing Compound

Another rough-and-ready material for soundproofing is the Green Glue. (Buy On Amazon) Often times, Green Glue is used as an adhesive for drywall to improve the effectiveness of the drywall.

But you have to also note that it’s an effective adhesive. Meaning that it can be used to attach the two layers or sheets of drywall or plywood together and also provide a barrier against sound waves.

Green Glue is purchased in tubes and exists in a liquid state. Which means that filling it on the structures takes no time and effort.

You can apply it using a caulking gun to ensure that every single affected part is evenly covered.  On the market, Green Glue is sold from 5-gallon buckets to 28-ounce tubes.

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8.      Mass-Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl (Buy On Amazon) is a very effective noise barrier. It’s of the sound deadening materials that stop sound vis a vis mass.

In other words, it doesn’t absorb or dampen sound.

Usually, MLV is dense and heavy but surprisingly thin in its true form. It contains vinyl mainly but has another high-mass compound obviously to make it a go-to solution for soundproofing.

You can install the MLV on the walls, ceiling or floor to help in sound blocking. It reflects sound waves away from it.

It comes mostly in black – you may be required to use some decoration on the surfaces where MLV has been applied.

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9.      Mineral Wool/Rockwool Rockboard

Mineral wool (Buy On Amazon) is an acoustic insulation product that’s rigid and fire-resistant. This material has gained popularity because it also doubles up as a thermal insulation solution.

It has an excellent noise-cancellation rate and can be used to improve the acoustics of both residential and commercial buildings.

Mineral wool isn’t hard to use – it cuts into desired shapes quiet easily. And you can use it on the walls and ceilings of houses.

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10.  Soundproof Floor Underlayment

One of the ways to soundproof your home or apartment is by covering the floor. Floor underlayment (Buy On Amazon) cushions the floor from within and fills it up to prevent echoes and impact noise.

Having underlayment is not just about sound insulation alone, these materials (are moisture resistant) and also help to guard your floor against mold growth.

To install the floor underlayment, you definitely need to remove the entire flooring. Then place the underlayment and return back the floor.

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11.  Sound Deadening Spray

A sound-deadening spray like this Lizard Spray Sound Deadener (Buy On Amazon) is a water-based product that’s distributed in 2-gallon buckets. Once this spray is mixed with water, it forms a solution of the right thickness that’s now applied on surfaces, for example, a car.

Preparing lizard skin spray won’t take a lot of effort and time. Neither would its application.

Something interesting about application though; you must apply the whole vehicle or car when you start the process. You can’t start the job and leave it midway to finish the next day.

The sound deadening spray reaches all parts of the car. No parts are left uncovered.

12.  Dynamat Sound Deadener

Just like the lizard spray above, dynamat (Buy On Amazon) is a famous product in the automotive industry. It is a sound deadening mat that’s found to be very effective in soundproofing cars and other vehicles.

Whether it’s vibrations or unwanted sounds, Dynamat sound deadener rises as the best. It’s characterized by heat resistance and odorless nature.

Its application is pretty easy and straight forward. The only difficult part with this deadener is cutting the material into the correct pieces.

Dynamat comes in different versions depending on the parts of the vehicle. For example, there are those meant for rear decks, cabin or trunk floors or doors among other parts.

I must let you know that this material can dent your pocket properly. I’ve included it on this list because it’s highly efficient and effective – and also famous in the automotive sector.

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13.  Roxul Acoustic Fire Batts

Acoustic Fire Batts (Buy On Amazon) are another set of the cheap soundproofing material you can use for your project. The multipurpose product is designed with premium wool which is compacted as 2.5 pounds of mass per cubic foot.

The wool is flexible and can, therefore, be installed on different kinds of structures e.g. walls or ceiling – as long as the structure is able to offer support.

The sound dampening material is water-repelling, fire-retardant and safe to use.

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14.  Soundproof Blinds

There are different types of blinds but it’s the soundproof blinds that do the soundproofing job perfectly. Soundproof blinds (Check Price On Amazon)are used on the window as cover to protect the interior against unwanted outside noise.

Blinds come with some of the best insulation properties. There are different kinds of soundproof blinds including the honeycomb cell shades, window shutters, and insulating blinds.

To be more categorical, using the honeycomb cell shades gives the best soundproofing results. Although the other two would also reduce noise up to 50 percent.

Honeycomb/cellular shades have closed cells that trap air, heat, and sound inside them. Therefore, they are used on windows to help with soundproofing.

Besides, the blinds also offer heat retention during winter and release it out in summers.

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15.  Soundproofing Window Kit

With this kit, you can do a window DIY soundproofing project. DIY projects are usually fun and exciting if you have the passion and time to do this.

Once you get a soundproofing window kit like this one by Magna-Seal (Check Price On Amazon) you can start off the project. The Magna-Seal kit contains a self-adhesive magnetic edging tape and a white L framing trim.

The framing trim is 4 feet long and the kit comes with 4 of those pieces. A window of 4 by 4 feet would be covered quite sufficiently.

The other way to approach the DIY method is by using acoustic fiberglass. Attach the glass on to the window magnetically or perhaps fit it into a metal frame and drill the frame into your window from the inside.

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16.  Soundproof Paint

While some people still don’t understand just how paint can be used for soundproofing, this acousticoat paint (Check Price On Amazon) can help you reduce a bit of the noise problem you have. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a miracle drop in the amount of noise.

And a thin layer of this soundproof paint wouldn’t make any difference. The paint is usually applied in several layers to form thick coats that would block sound.

To apply this paint, you can roll on or spray it on the target structure.

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17.  Resilient Channel

Another very effective method but not a cheap soundproofing material is the resilient channel. (Check Price On Amazon) The main goal of the resilient channel is to cut off the transmission of sound from a room.

The channels are sheet metal rails designed to improve sound insulation properties of drywall, sheetrock, ceilings, and plasterboard walls. What this product does is that it separates the drywall or whatever sheet from the structure of the building.

So, you install the channels into the wall or ceiling studs. Then attach the drywall sheet – the results are significant because the sound or noise will first have to go through the channels before getting through to the drywall.

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18.  Soundproof Drywall

This is another very common soundproofing method. Drywall uses mass and density to block sound transmission.

Which is the reason why the design of soundproof drywall combines both multiple gypsum board sheet layers and the layers of material such as steel or ceramics. This makes the drywall less able to transmit sound waves.

The soundproof drywall comes expensive, but you will definitely not regret your choice of it. It’s a worthwhile investment.

19.  Anti-Vibration Floor Mats

Anti-vibration floor mats (Check Price On Amazon) are some of the cheap sound-absorbing the material you can get on the market. They are used specifically with appliances placed directly on the floor to prevent vibration impact.

These anti-vibration floor mats are made of foam rubber. To apply them, simply slide them under the speakers, washing machines, or dishwashers and you will find out how significantly they reduce the vibration.

Most of these materials are square in their shape. Although others look like small cups that are worn into the small legs some machines come with.

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20.  Furniture and Household Items

The last category of soundproofing cheaply, in fact almost costless is the use of furniture and other household items. Well rearranged furniture in the room has the potential to eliminate the sound waves, echoes and reverbs spilling in the house.

The cabinets, bookshelves, and other heavy furniture can add mass on the wall. Which would reduce the impact of noise from other neighboring rooms.

Furthermore, you can use tapestries and paintings on the walls. These also add mass on the walls. Houseplants may also be able to absorb a few echoes.

Even more, use towels under the door or old blankets. You will be amazed at how much noise will be contained.

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Final Words

I want to believe that my list of cheap soundproofing material has been the resource worth a read. Most of these materials are cheap and readily available on Amazon.

You can purchase one or more and soundproof your house from start to finish. The rule of thumb is, however, no single one of them can eliminate noise 100%.

So, it would be clever to combine a number of them and achieve greater noise reduction results.

Okay. Now, it’s time to make your choice. Start the journey today to make your room a quiet haven.

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