Best Soundproof Blinds – Sound Absorbing Window Blinds.

Are soundproof blinds worth it? … It ALWAYS sucks when you have a window or two facing a busy road, street or market. And if this is your bedroom window, it’s needless to say about the sleepless nights you might experience.soundproof blinds

Despite there being several methods, soundproof blinds could be a good resource to turn to in situations like this. I know that anytime you think about soundproofing, the skepticism of not achieving the perfect results is always there.

Just to set the record right – no window soundproof material can block out sound 100%. So, don’t over-expect but you can be sure of a significant noise reduction.

Perfectly put, these blinds can stop about 50% of the noise that comes through your window.

In this article, I will tell you the best soundproof blinds that you need for reducing the loud exterior noise coming from across the road or that busy street.

What is the Best Option for Soundproof Blinds?

1.     Honeycomb Blinds (Check Different Varieties on Amazon).

I am giving a direct answer because Honeycomb cell blinds are the most efficient and effective when it comes to soundproofing windows. They cut out noise by 50%.

They are honeycomb due to the hexagonal tubing structure. It is within an individual closed cell that air is trapped and hence sound energy is reduced.

Honeycomb shades are also the most cost-effective besides being great heat insulators. You can check this ComfortTrack Honeycomb Shades.

They are some of the best on the market. They are known to offer awesome sound insulation and privacy features.

The patented technology of ComfoTrack cellular shades ensures no gaps in your window. You will also be presented with a variety of colors to choose from.

These features have qualified Honeycomb shades to be the greatest soundproof window blinds searched by many people.

Why Use Honeycomb Blinds?

There is a number of reasons why many people prefer these blinds. Let’s have a look.

  • Draw It Up And Down Easily For Light

If you want some light inside your space through the window, the honeycomb shades can be pulled up to the top of the window. They can also be drawn down to the bottom of the window.

Hence, they are the best blinds to be used in places where privacy is key. These could your bathroom or toilet.

  • Retain Heat

They are noise-blocking blinds that also couple up as heat insulators. What this means is that instead of only helping to block out sound into a home or room, they could be a handy solution during winter.

So, you can still use the honeycomb blinds on your windows to keep warm. And in the summer when temperatures hit peak hot, window blinds could help keep out heat.

  • Breakaway Cords

Breakaway cords are of huge significance on matters safety. These are cords that disconnect from the source when something or someone, a pet or a child get caught in them.

Honeycomb cellular shades come with these cords. Breakaway cords are easy and quick to fix into place.

In case you have playful children or pets, Honeycomb shades (having these cords) become some the go-to remedy to the problem of noise at hand.

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2.     Insulated Blinds

Insulated window blinds are another option to go for. Insulated blinds are going to increase the R-value of your windows significantly without needing to replace the existing windows.

You may never be thrilled by the performance of other soundproof shades when you are particularly also concerned about heat insulation properties.

This is to mean that no much insulation has been featured in other blinds. Yet, here is where insulated blinds score high.

Other window blinds and shades can be made to help with direct heat absorption or reflecting sunlight back outside before it reaches your indoors. However, they are poor with heat retention when now that heat is needed for warmer interiors.

Insulated blinds have an extra layer of insulation inside their structure. They are extra thick and the fabric is multi-layered.

This makes them great heat retainers.

You will get them as roller blinds or blackout blinds that effectively keep light out if you want it that way.

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3.     Window Shutters

The last option on the soundproof blinds are the window shutters. These can be simply described as window coverings made of a frame with both horizontal rails and vertical stile and can have overlapping or fixed louvers within the frame.

Window shutters can be installed either side of the window – whether you’re looking to place inside or outside the window, they will still work just fine.

They may not be the go-for kind of blind but a great addition in case you want to soundproof your home where strongly blowing winds are a threat.

Always strive to get a wooden or bamboo type. These will enhance the quiet in your space – and don’t use metal frames or shutters as you could only aggravate the noise problem you’re trying to combat.

Here are My Recommended Noise Blocking Blinds.

I recommend the following window blinds for two reasons: sound insulation and thermal insulation. Good for a deal, right?

1.     Belle Max Honeycomb Cellular Cordless Shades (Buy On Amazon)

This honeycomb shade is known for durability and its ability to offer great sound absorption and privacy. The cordless feature makes them a safe product to use with children and pets in the house.

Aluminum foils have been used to make them. Therefore, they act as great blackout coverings which are a plus for the privacy of a room.

Install them wherever you want to soundproof a window or want warmer or higher temperatures depending on the season.

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2.     First-Rate Blinds Custom Cordless Double Cell Shades (Buy On Amazon)

With double cells featured on the design of the Custom Cordless Double cell shades, the first thing that comes on the mind is double insulation? Well. You are just right.

These blinds offer double insulation; better than what most cell shades do. And besides, you can get these blinds in different sizes and colors measured to the dimensions of your window and décor respectively.

3.     SBARTAR Cellular Blinds  (Buy On Amazon)

This window shade is one of the easiest to install. It can be installed either from the inside or outside of the window like many other soundproof blinds.

Its design features a single cell structure. Which means that it’s not the type to trust for the most serious noise problems.

But rather, it is a great resource if you want to blackout your home or office space. Or in the case of just muffling some background noise in a private space.

The cordless structure is great for the safety of children and pets. While the 100 percent polyester fabric gives your blind a modern stylish look.

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4.     Windowsandgarden Custom Cordless Shades

For simple window soundproofing projects, the windows and garden shades (Link To Amazon) are worth giving a try. Because they are single-celled, that’s what they can do best.

You can fully customize these blinds to your needs. The variety of colors they come with is just picturesque – there are nine different colors.

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Tips to Have Window Shades Produce the Best Outcomes.

·        Use Double Cell Blinds

Mostly these are Honeycomb shades that come with double cells in their structure. Double cells are effective in soundproofing than just using single cells.

Again, the structure also gives twice as good heat insulation as the single-celled blinds. For this reason, blinds with double cells stop sound and also offer high-quality heat retention.

·        Get the Right Size of Window Blinds

Before you buy a window blind, ensure you take the measurements of your window. Keep in mind you will want the product to fit snugly onto your window.

Good noise cancelling window blinds sometimes don’t deliver. And this is attributed to the fact that they don’t fit well inside the window frame (most probably they are loose).

What happens is that noise still gets a channel through the window.

In the event that you have an unfitting blind, just hang over the window frame. It should cover the frame entirely.

·        Weatherstripping

Many people like the weatherstripping option in soundproofing and this is why:

  • It is cheap
  • It is easy and quick to undertake
  • And it’s very effective

Seal all existing gaps and holes around the window using a suitable weatherstripping material (Link To Amazon).

For old windows, perhaps with damaged frames, peel off the sticky back and stick the weatherstrip inside the frame at the point where the window meets the frame when closing.

·        Pair Blinds with Curtains

The blinds only cut out about 50 percent of the sound that hits the window. Soundproof curtains may be added to the mix to boost the effectiveness of these products.

Use of soundproof curtains should be particularly applied when you’re trying to combat difficult noise situations. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need to use both soundproof blinds and curtains.

·        Add Acrylic Panels to the Windows

With the use of acrylic panels,(Check Prize on Amazon) you are adding an extra pocket in the window. This helps to trap extra air inside and muffle the sound before the vibrations reach into your room.

Before making an order online, you need to find out the measurements of your window. Get the rightly cut piece of acrylic which you will securely fix to the window frame using a suitable sealant.

·        Rearranging Your Furniture

This is a crude and yet one of the simple and cheapest ways to achieve noise reduction. In this method, you will need to move the furniture such as closet, bookshelf, fabric sofa, etc. close to the wall where noise is coming from.

Since it’s only an addition to what you’ve done, a lot more unwanted noise will be blocked out too. Especially the noise coming through that particular wall.

Take old large paintings and hang them on the wall. These can also block sound. Plus, adding rugs and or carpets on your floor, I think you will be in a great position of muffling the noise sneaking through the window into the room.

However, care should be taken when using furniture. This is because furniture can block out the entire window.

Don’t you need light inside of the house? I bet not. But if you don’t care about light and room aesthetics, this would be the real deal for budget constrained people.

·        Replace or Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

Modern doors are not what you want to have in noise-infested environments. Most of them come with hollow interiors that can do little when it comes to sound absorption.

The solution is to entirely replace such doors. And get the composite or solid wood door that has enough mass to prevent sound from traveling through its structure.

Sound absorbing blinds may do their job but on hollow doors. This makes it crucial to have high-quality doors as highlighted just above.

On the windows, you could upgrade to more efficient types. For example, the double pane or triple pane glass windows.

These are not a joke in terms of pricing. So this is a deal to break a bank but it’s worth every penny.

I would say this is the best way to soundproof a window. That is if you want an absolutely noise-free environment in your office, home or any other place you are.

Window Shades Alternatives.

Up to this point if you are still asking this question: can blinds block out noise really? Then you definitely need to be aware of a few alternatives to them.

And gliding panels are an alternative you can try out. They are larger in size and also elegant than blinds.

So, if you have larger windows, you’d probably prefer to go for these.

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, blinds aren’t a bad option for soundproofing windows. They can be great at both absorbing noise and insulating heat.

The third benefit you will get with a blind is that they blackout any space to provide the much-needed privacy.

While they are not the perfect go-to products, soundproof blinds will help you to manage considerable amounts of noise to just bearable levels. Hence, they are worth a try for any DIY window soundproofing project.

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