Best Silent Mouse for Gaming.

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Are there best silent mouse for gaming on the market that will suit my needs?

For gamers, the best accessories for gaming are a non-bargain. Professionals, and even those enthusiasts that just need to have fun, always want to use the perfect keyboard and mouse.

Best Silent Mouse for GamingAs you play, the game gets intense and the clicks of the mouse become more frequent. If you are keeping with roomies, the clacking mouse becomes a nuisance especially if they aren’t the guys endowed with the same passion.

Here is where the best silent mouse for gaming comes into the big picture. The mouse keeps true to offer a quiet environment during play so that your focus is not undone.

In addition, you just don’t need a quiet mouse – there are certain features of interest you want to take to the shop for the right gadget. For example, some people may consider wired or wireless options.

Silent mice aren’t the easiest to locate on the market. Fortunately, this guide features the best quiet mice which I invested quality time into researching for your comfort and convenience.

Do You Need to Get a Silent Gaming Mouse Rather than the Regular Mouse.

Yes. The quiet gaming mouse comes with better features compared to the regular one. Although this difference isn’t that deep.

The main thing for that matter that makes this mouse unique is its price. While the ordinary park can be bought at less than $10 or so, most silent mice can rise even up to a hundred dollars.

Another feature that puts this mouse in front of the others is its higher sensitivity. This comes about due to the sensors in those mice.

The ordinary mice have optical LED sensors and oftentimes, this type of sensors may not be the best when it comes to DPI or dots per inch. In contrast, the silent mice use laser sensors which are known for a higher DPI.

What is DPI?

DPI is a term used to state how sensitive a computer mouse is. This is what makes the cursor on the screen move smoothly across the screen.

The correct DPI is extremely vital for a gaming mouse. You don’t want this to be too high as a flying cursor does not help either.

Some mice come with the option to change between different DPI settings. This offers customized control of the gadgets.

Now for any gamer to enjoy playing on the PC, you need to have a mouse with a higher DPI to ensure that it’s smooth and smooth all the way. Once it starts getting hot on the chair, you want everything to be right, including the mouse you are using.

Just keep in mind that a mouse that allows you to change the speed of the cursor will be a better fit for gaming.

With that said, the other benefit you want to harness by using a noiseless gaming mouse is the higher polling rates which are the quickness of sending data from the mouse to the operating system.

This means that instances of lagging behind are very minimal or even not there for the best quiet gaming mice. This is not the case for regular mice.

Then the next thing you can appreciate about the gaming mouse is their overall build. I suppose the visual impression it’s crafted to make is on-point and interesting.

The Different Types of Silent Mouse for Gaming.

1.   Best Wired Silent Mouse for Gaming

The wired mouse still seems to make the cut, generally because of its efficiency in getting the job done. The wired mouse connects to the computer by USB and/or PS/2.

Since long time ago, wired mice have been almost the main technology among computer enthusiasts.

Wired technology hasn’t been relinquished because it’s more responsive. It gets the transmission of information done faster without delays – this characteristic is very important for the uninterrupted gaming experience.

The gadget also comes cheap and you don’t have the stress of battery life. Furthermore, these mice come with a stable connection and flexibility.

The downside to these mice is that when cables clutter, it’s always going to be annoying undoing the mess on the wires.

TenMos K85 is an awesome soundless product that has adjustable DPI levels. You can also make use of the extra programmable buttons it comes with to customize the use of the mouse to your needs.

2.   Best Wireless Silent Mouse for Gaming

The wireless silent gaming mouse is best known for convenience, form, and style. The wireless mouse incorporates the use of Bluetooth technology; which means that there is no need for cables.

Modern computer devices built with Bluetooth are the only ones that can use this mouse. The good news is that most computers come with it.

The wireless models are very interesting and allow for free movement and easier game management. Just move away from the desk and continue playing from another short-range spot.

There are some notable downsides to this mouse: input lag and reliance on the battery power. You will experience some instances of unresponsiveness which is an issue of slow information transfer between the computer PC and the gadget itself.

And if the battery goes down in the middle of the game, you won’t fancy it. So, you need to recharge the battery before resuming – a real inconvenience.

I would recommend this Pictek Wireless Gaming Mouse for its capability to save energy when not in use. This is made possible by the auto sleeping function.

3.   Best Silent Laser Mouse for Gaming

A laser mouse is known as one of the best for gaming because it has impeccable sensitivity. You can also use it on any type of surface and still it works just fine.

You can move the cursor on the screen quite fast so that you aren’t left behind on any event. The laser mouse has a powerful illumination, are more accurate and therefore a go-to solution for gaming.

This mouse doesn’t bring about lots of inconveniences while the game is on. They are very responsive and the flexibility is also just incredible.

It may have the correct qualities of the best silent mouse for gaming. But laser mouse comes with a concern – too much sensitivity and accuracy means that it can result in very fast movements and if the game doesn’t need such speed, you will not love it.

Besides, the extra sensitivity also makes it detect just about every form of movement, including the slightest.

The Utechsmart Venus is close to the hearts of many gamers as seen by the reviews on Amazon. The mouse comes with an ergonomic design and it’s easy to handle due to the Teflon pads – it also has a removable weight cartridge.

4.   Best Silent Optical Mouse for Gaming

Initially, the perception around the optical mouse was that it offers lower dots per inch, DPI, therefore, making it slower. But that’s not the same today.

Serious professional gamers have even turned to optical technology. This is because the mice with optical sensors are more accurate and suited for games where calculated moves are required.

In other words, the lower the DPI, the more accurate a mouse becomes. There are no extra and unexpected accelerations that would otherwise spoil the moves for you.

The LED light on the optical mouse does not penetrate the surface it’s placed on. Which means that it won’t go into the details of analyzing even unimportant information.

This highly-rated Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is a wise choice for gamers who want a compact thing, easy and comfortable on hands. The mouse carries 9 buttons for customization.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Silent Mouse for Gaming.

Ensure that you consider the following aspects when looking for the best silent click gaming mouse:

1.   Functionality

Look at the overall features of the mouse you want to buy. These include things like optical sensors and laser sensors.

If you prefer fast mice the laser sensors will be your appropriate option. And the optical sensors are incorporated in the optical mice which do not give fast cursor movements but are more accurate.

The other feature you want to closely pay attention to is the wired and wireless versions. Again go for the wired mouse if you don’t want to spare an ounce when it comes to the responsiveness of the mouse during playing.

The wireless design is convenient and you can operate the computer while seated away from the PC. But there are gaps in the transmission of info which can delay your moves.

You will need to remain within the range of the PC.

2.   Shape and Weight

You don’t ignore the shape of the mouse and its weight. Actually, these features determine whether you will be comfortable or not during game time.

Remember that you will keep glued on the chair for long hours.

There are those mice that can be adjusted on the height and pitch of the palm rest. This offers your hand some relief and comfort as the game grows more intense.

So the shape or the outer shell of the mouse should allow the gamer to assume different grips as they use the mouse. And if it fits in the hand perfectly without too much weight, what stops your fun?

Some mice come with the adjustable weight feature. Which also provides the gamer with the opportunity to choose between different weight settings – the resistance that your hand can handle pretty effortlessly.

3.   Buttons

Perhaps you are used to the scroll, left and right buttons. And this is what most mouse devices come with.

However, the best silent mouse for gaming should have multiple buttons. The extra buttons are going to be useful for efficient and convenient operation of the mouse.

It’s so because these extra buttons can be great for providing short cuts and you don’t have to follow the long path to a certain function.

For instance, the buttons can copy, paste, save or delete or complete a certain task by simply pressing them. The ultimate outcome is enhanced user experience.

4.   Custom Software

Custom software is nowadays common in most gaming mice. This feature enables a user to have their key commands recorded in the mouse.

The mice which have this feature also could allow you to create different profiles for different programs. The custom software can also be used to customize the backlighting.

In general, this software packs a whole gaming utility on the same, small device. This definitely leads to improved performance.

I must let you know that this is not a must-have feature. So don’t mind if it’s not available.

5.   Sensitivity and Responsiveness

These two are very vital components of any gaming mice. You need to look at the numbers representing sensitivity and the responsiveness of a mouse – they are indicated in the product description.

For sensitivity, you need to check for the dots per inch/DPI. The regular mice have this value under 1000 DPI.

Most high-end gaming mice have their DPI value at about 10000. But this high DPI value also means too much sensitivity which is not actually needed for the best gaming experience.

For gaming that will excite and bring out all the fanatic in you, just 1600 DPIs will do.

Then coming to the responsiveness of the mouse, you can look at the polling rate. This is the transmission speed of data from the mouse to the computer.

While you’ll find that the typical regular mice come with a polling rate of about 100-150 Hz., the gaming mouse has a higher rate. This can rise 300 Hz and above with other high-end models going up to 1000 Hz.

6.   Wired or Wireless

Generally speaking, the best silent gaming mouse is the wired type. And the reasons for this recommendation were already explained earlier.

The wired design of a mouse means that while you will have to deal with the wires and the mess, you will enjoy the quick responsiveness it comes with.

The transfer of information between the gadget and the computer is fast. It’s also not interrupted unless your USB has an issue.

The wireless version is the better deal for convenience and form. But it can have lots of connectivity issues which lead to poor responsiveness.

In Conclusion

With the best silent mouse for gaming, your experience is truly going to be different. You will enjoy the game with quiet while giving the people around you their rightful peace.

The silent mice on the make are quite many ranging from the low-end types to the high-end models.

One thing I found so important not to skip as I sum up, make sure that you don’t confuse the DPIs and responsiveness of the mouse you want.

The higher the DPI value, the more sensitive will your mouse be. But looking at the gaming ice, higher DPIs are not necessary and in fact, can be a nuisance to smooth gaming.

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