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For cymbal aficionados, dreaming of the best silent cymbals can only get exciting. You could talk about these instruments days without end.Best Silent Cymbals- Quiet Cymbals

You could hit them non-stop and explore the newer ways of striking. Definitely, you know that the next door neighbor won’t be on your neck to accuse you of causing havoc.

The complete contrast is that regular cymbals can be disastrous when you practice with them. They can send away loud strokes and as well extract sanity out of your head.

This is something the quiet cymbals will eliminate and allow you not only to have peace with people around you, but also live a healthy life on your side.

However, it’s super important that you understand that even the silent models of cymbals still produce noise – but only on a limited scale. Such models apply modern sound-reducing technology on their design.

Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride as we explore the industry.

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Why You Need the Best Silent Cymbals.

It’s quite a straightforward idea to use quiet cymbals especially if you will be confining yourself somewhere in your unsoundproofed room, or a basement for practice.

These cymbals are made using special metal alloys that are only capable of producing quieter sound uncharacteristic of the normal cymbals.

Definitely, with this sort of engineering, you can play those packs without affecting your neighbors or even inflict self-harm.

In studios where noise sensitivity is also a kind of a restriction, you will need to have low volume cymbals.

It may not be easy to keep sound less loud but trust me, quiet cymbals will go a long way to help you achieve your objective.

Super low volume cymbals are even designed to be up to 80 percent quieter. This can be quite the real deal when it comes to playing your drums with almost no disturbance to the surrounding.

Do You Buy Individual Quiet Cymbals or Packs?

On the internet, as you browse, you will see both individual cymbals and packs. Some even include drum heads for the ultimate reduced volume drumming experience.

With that said, the decision to buy a certain option depends solely on the level of your needs. As a person starting to venture into the drumming departments, a cymbal pack is going to a shrewd consideration on your side.

This is because you need to learn how to strike the instruments first. And once you’ve captured the art and skill, there’s no harm settling for individual cymbals especially if you want to target certain specific sounds.

Individual cymbals are also great for budget reasons.

Different Types of Cymbals.

1.   Crash Cymbals

The crash cymbals are called “crash” because of the crash-like sound. These cymbals are the standard in most drum kits and therefore the most common.

For drummists, you know that a musical phrase has to end somewhere. And that’s the job of the crash cymbals.

Depending on what your needs are, you can get crash cymbals from the size range paper thin to heavy designs. Which could be something like 14”-20”.

Check out this Zildjian L80 Low Volume 14/16/18 Cymbal Set. Comes with the quiet any silent lover would expect. It is about 80 percent quieter.

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Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack - LV468
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2.   Ride Cymbals

For a steady rythmic pattern, the ride cymbals (which also come as a standard in most drum kits), are the true crafters. The ride cymbals do not release the accent like a crash.

If you are still new to drumming, locate this cymbal on the extreme right hand of the drum set kit. That’s where it’s placed, above the floor tom.

Usually, it is the biggest on a beginner’s drum kit. As siad earlier, these cymbals produce steady sounds rather than the rich and explosive strokes of a crash.

While the sizes of rides vary, the average can be dubbed as 20” although it’s not rare to get rides of 26”.

Of nearly the whole pack of cymbals, rides are the most versatile. This is due to the variation of sounds it produces when hit on different spots.

Sabian QTPC501 Quiet Tone Practice Cymbal Set is a choice for those seeking to play it quiet in their rooms. It’s a durable model that will not dent or allow staining.

3.   Hi-Hats

With hi-hats, you are getting a combination of two cymbals attached in the same stand. Coming smaller in size than the two previous versions, hi-hats are operated by a foot-pedal.

This pedal is used to open and close them. Hi-hats are also going to produce steady sounds while providing an additional accent.

You can also achieve sound variation with hi-hats. When played closed, you get some soft-soothing, crisp sound that can also transmute to muted and metallic sound.

Open hi-hats produce sandy cutting sound that can be easily accented.

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4.   Splash Cymbals

The splash cymbals almost work the same as the crash types. They produce accents, although they may also be used for special drumming effects.

Their sound is sharp and short; almost reminiscent of their small and thin footprint. Size normally range from 6-13”

I suggest the Zildjian L80 Low Volume Quiet Cymbal Pack. It comes as a perfect match for the noise-sensitive spaces and homes. It also produces smooth tone while allowing you have a long-lasting play.

5.   China Cymbals

China cymbals can be described as a special version of crash cymbals. They have the capability to unleash a bright, crisp and explosive tone that’s also far trashier.

If you are wondering why the word China is indicated in the name, then it’s because of their shape and sounds that resemble the Chinese gongs.

Whether you want an 8-inch cymbal or a 27-inch one, China cymbals are definitely designed to be available in different sizes.

These are some of the most common types of silent cymbals you can expect on the market. And the market is awash with a serious variety, although getting the quiet one is not an easy feat to achieve.

What to Look for in a Silent Cymbal

It doesn’t help to select a poor pack of cymbals. Just keep in mind that once you choose the wrong ones, it’s going to be kind of difficult to manipulate the sound.

The only viable choice may be soundproofing your practice space. Which to me is an extra cost on your bill.

So, what this means is that being careful and wise is going to help you choose the quiet cymbals to achieve your goals.

  1. Size 

The quiet drum cymbals are available in different sizes. And each size produces a distinct tone.

The size of the cymbals can be related to the different types I have discussed above. Which means there are hi-hats, crash, rides, splash or china cymbals.

A cymbal pack basically comes with a pair of the hi-hats, a crash and a ride. Don’t mind about other sizes if you are still a work in progress in matters of cymbal kits.

You will need to be patient as you take every step at a time.

  1. Brand

While the market is loaded with a huge variety of cymbals supplied by different brands, not everything is worth paying attention to. Some brands do not meet the cut.

However, you may check for the following brands on the market: Sabian, Zildjian, Istanbul Agop, Paiste, Bosphorous. Sabian and Zildjian are the commonest so far and most admired by many professional drummists across the globe.

  1. Material

The quality of alloy the cymbal is moulded from determines the resultant sounds and tones. For low volume cymbals, the alloy material used are unique and produce smooth and harmonious sounds.

Don’t just go to the shop and shout, “I need cymbals” and keep quiet. You will need to be more specific if you need to meet your quiet needs.

With that said, also remember that the material should be high-quality and durable. This is a huge investment you are about to make here.

The common materials being tin and bronze, make sure that you check to find B20 bronze for warm and soft sounds or B8 Bronze cymbals for bright, crisp sound.

  1. Weight

That perfect, pin-point tone you want from your cymbals can be affected by the weight of the cymbals. In addition, it affects the presence, playability and feel of the cymbals.

Genres such as rock, heavy metal, power may need a heavier model of the cymbal. While the contemporary music including jazz or pop can only need you to avail medium and a bit lighter models instead.

In Conclusion

Now the ball is in your court. You may need to have a look at my recommendations because I have done some careful and thorough research after several hours.

I am, therefore, quite confident in the different options I have enlisted in the guide. But you are totally free to undertake your own further research using the guide assembled into this post.

Hope you will be able to secure your silent cymbals sooner than later. I understand how much you crave to be at peace with yourself, family members and neighbours.

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