Best Quietest Hard Drive On The Market.

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The high-pitched noise of a hard drive can be annoying. Its hell trying to browse or do something on your PC but you can’t just put up with the hum beneath the case.

Whether you have an overly sensitive hearing capability or the whirring noise of your PC hard drive is just irritatingly loud, it’s time to change the course.quietest hard drive

After trying out a number of drives, I realized that the quietest hard drive is not particularly a higher capacity one. In fact, the higher capacity hard drives can be a bundle of hell.

This is due to their speed, which in most cases, is high – that could be 7200 rpm. The fast spinning of the hard drive causes serious vibrations.

With that said, the closest and near-to-quiet devices are mostly slow. So, any hard drive that spins at 5400 rpm will definitely be your quiet buddy.

However, be sure to get a quiet hard drive at the expense of the write and read speeds. I mean this: faster 7200 rpm hard drive models can read data extra-ordinarily fast but are noisier.

Low speed hard drives will not extract data as their compatriots. But will be super-quiet.

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What is a Hard Drive of a Computer?

A computer hard drive stores all the software installed on a computer and data files created on the software. Any source files and documents of music, videos, photos and other files are all stored in a computer hard drive.

The hard drive should not be confused with the Random-Access Memory (RAM). Unlike the RAM, a hard drive is a permanent storage.

Every computer has one internal hard drive, called the C drive in the Windows operating system or just “hard drive” for Mac computers.

The hard drive is very safe such that you use your computer, save your files and all other stuff and switch off the computer; still you’ll find your files safe and use them again.

Different Types of Quietest Hard Drives

There are different silent hard drive types on the market you probably need to consider when buying one for your computer.

Here, I will help you find out these two main types:

1.      Hard Disc Drive (HDD)

Being the most dominant form of computer storage, HDD is basically a computer hardware device – rigid disc molded from non-magnetic material. It is the size of a paper book although it comes with a bit of weight.

Depending on the size of your computer drive bay in the case, the HDD size varies but can be mounted effortlessly, courtesy of the predrilled, threaded holes on its sides.

Hard Disc Drives work by physically making rotations or spinning movements. Typically, the speed would be 7200 rpms hence producing lots of humming noise.

However, the modern versions of the HDDs are pretty quiet.

2.     Solid-Sate Drives (SSD)

If you are seriously in need of a more silent hard drive, the Solid State Drive has to be the option. This alternative hard drive forms do not store data magnetically but rather electronically – they come with no moving parts.

They utilize the flash memory (the one used in memory cards for digital cameras or USB flash drives). Solid State Drives are not exposed to the risk of physical damage since they don’t have any moving parts like the magnetic Hard Disc Drives.

Pricewise, the SSDs are quite the kind of products to break your bank for. Also, they are smaller and, therefore, convenient compared to the regular hard disc drives.

The SSDs do connect to a computer via standard IDE or SATA connections. They are therefore fast in accessing data, lighter, quieter and spend less energy. They don’t come in capacities similar to the HDDs.

Top 4 Quietest Hard Drive Reviews

1.     WD Red 6TB NAS Hard Drive

The WD Red NAS Hard Drive is the SSD type of hard drive you want for incredible computer performance. Coming with a 5400 rpm speed, it becomes one of the silent models around for a fairly low price.

The NAS-system-compatible hard drive device can serve up to 8 bays and carries the capability to withstand the occasional shocks and vibrations in the system.

The drive has no RV sensors but expect it to put in a 24-hour performance yearly with a workload rate of 180TB. And with Nasware software incorporation, the drive cuts the edge for reliability to offer you great user experience.

The 5400 rpm performance is not the best for reading and writing files (234,6 MB/s, 221.9 MB/s), but what this also means is that the drive utilizes less power and produces less heat. Most importantly, it does not produce lots of noise.

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Western Digital 6TB WD Red Pro NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD - 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 256 MB...
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2.     Seagate BarraCuda Pro Internal Hard Drive

This BarraCuda Pro combines two magical and yet super important components: fast speed and quiet, thanks to the 7200 rpm speeds technology.

The hard drive features one of the largest computer storage capacity (10T) for optimized read and write functionality.

What this means is that you can do big projects without worries of storage. The BarraCuda Pro also runs without producing great amounts of heat.

The model comes with a SATA 6 GB/s interface and a 5-year warranty. And its read and write and gaming capabilities are just superb.

Hence, it’s a great choice for productivity usage. It doesn’t seem to cost much compared to other similar models but the value you get is simply outstanding.

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Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10TB Internal Hard Drive Performance HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM...
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3.     Toshiba N300 NAS Hard Drive

Another silent hdd is this Toshiba N300 NAS Hard Drive preferred by many users for its impeccable performance in terms of speed and storage capacities.

Built as a 10 TB version, the drive has a 7200 rpm speed and can run continuously for 24 hours year in, year out.

Toshiba has gone the extra mile to add on to this model the integrated RV sensors which neutralize any read and write errors that may be experienced in the process hence keeping your data well-protected.

Toshiba N300 NAS handles heat increase problems with relative ease when running multiple drives thanks to the heat prevention technology that copes with higher temperatures.

The reliable 180TB will store your data and files over a long time. With a transfer speed of near 200 MB/s, it boasts a fair performance in this department although compared to other models, this might be slightly below par.

4.     WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Internal Hard Drive

The WD Purple 8TB Surveillance Hard Drive is designed for continuous performance so that your videos will read and write without hiccups on the discs.

While the 8 TB is not crazy storage, it’s still uncompromising.

This drive is actually built for security systems that run 24/7 and has an annualized workload rate of 180TB. That notwithstanding, you can load up to 64 high-definition cameras.

Don’t fret about the extreme temperatures associated with running these kind of cameras.

The engineering is specific to help cut down heat elements as a result of high temperatures.

The drive utilizes less power and having been installed with the IntelliSeek technology, the problem of ambient noise and vibrations are significantly reduced.

What to Look for When Buying the Quietest Hard Drive

  • Loudness/Noise Level

In looking for the quietest hard drive, it’s only fair that you begin with the real thorn in the foot. This is why the noise level of a hard drive must be checked.

The rotational speed is the source of noise or loudness of a hard drive. So check this – the faster the hard drive spins, the more noise it produces and the slower they do this, the more quiet they become.

  • Storage Capacity

The next aspect is the storage capacity. In fact, it should be your first consideration in purchasing this device.

To avoid making occasional returns to the market for more storage, make sure that you get high-capacity storage devices. Don’t go for cheaper models that would let you down in a few months.

With an adequate storage capacity, you can sort your storage needs very effectively. Keep your files without worries.

  • Hard Disc Performance

While the performance of your hard disc rests on the revolution per minute, and that you want to favor a device with the highest rpms for a smoother and faster performance, you don’t want to get it wrong on the noise.

Different hard drives come with different rpms; e.g. 4200, 5400, 7200 etc. Just keep a decent balance between speed and noise emission.

  • Warranty

A quiet internal hard drive should factor in a warranty protection. The manufacturers that offer long term warranties simply display their products as being high-quality.

So, they have confidence in them. Because they know how long the HDD or SSD will last in perfect condition.

In case their products fail before the expected time, you are covered in the best way possible.

In Conclusion

You can be dead sure that with the quietest hard drive options like the ones mentioned in this guide, a perfect working environment is guaranteed.

Remember, what you need is overall top-notch performance from your Hard Drive.

In case you are not satisfied with the list above, the included buying guide may give you an upper hand in making further proper decisions.

All the best!

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