Best Dynamat Alternative In The Market.

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When it comes to the most efficient or rather the best vehicle sound deadener, no material beats dynamat – at least according to most car enthusiasts. However, it’s also only fair to say that the Dynamat products are properly expensive.

best vehicle sound deadenerBecause of the effectiveness and assurance of instant results though, dynamat is rocking the industry.

To that end, if you are at odds with the pricey Dynamat, there are serious alternatives to this sound deadener out there in the market. The likes of HushMat, Fatmat, Kilmat, and Noico can also provide good results without lynching your wallet.

So, don’t fret to work on the acoustics of your vehicle because you are afraid of spending. Just the best Dynamat alternative will be exactly what you need.

Let’s dive right in and discuss the different options mentioned above in proper details.

The Best Dynamat Alternatives

1.     Noico

Noico (Check Price) is not just one of the best brands that can do the job just as Dynamat. But it’s the best of all according to most soundproofing buffs.

Its effectiveness in insulating automobile sound is also matched with reasonable pricing. And you can be sure it’s reason enough to stand alone as the best in this scenario.

Noico is thicker than Dynamat. The mat measures 80 millimeters in thickness, 13 mm more than Dynamat thickness.

Yet, you will not have to suffer cutting this material into the measured pieces for installation.

The structure of Noico consists of Butyl rather than the degrading Asphalt. What this means is that even under the highest temperatures achieved in motor vehicles, this mat wouldn’t melt.

Noico sound deadening is fairly easy to install compared to Dynamat. But, it doesn’t completely cancel out noise – you’ll definitely need to combine it with a closed-cell foam to ensure that complete soundproofing is done.

Noico is moderately cheap. At only $2/square foot, you will be able to get your mat and you can buy as much as your project would require.

2.     HushMat

The HushMat sound deadening mat (Check Price) is among the fierce rivals of Dynamat. It can drastically improve the acoustics of your car.

The mat is thick but slightly thinner than Dynamat and for that reason also lightweight.

Coming as a great option for reducing both sound and vibration noises in the car, HushMat cuts easily and you will install it without a hassle. Similarly, you can remove it easily if the time came for replacing the mat.

Unlike most other products, HushMat products come with key accessories or tools like a knife and roller which are obviously needed during cutting and installation of the material.

So, this means that the burden of purchasing a new set of tools for the job won’t be there. Meanwhile, the HushMat score on heat and sound resistance is favorable.

And this due to the fact that it’s a butyl-based rubber mat and products made from such material can resist very high temperatures.

Touching on the pricing, HushMat may not be your expected savior. Though its price is lower than Dynamat’s, you may want to rethink about the nearly $700 cost of soundproofing a full average car.

In summary, HushMat can reduce road noise significantly, it’s easy to install and puts in a great overall performance while it adheres to any surface seamlessly. The only big problem is its price.

3.     FatMat

Comparing FatMat vs Dynamat, it’s clear that FatMat (Check Price) gives it a shot in terms of pricing. But other things like thickness and effective sound deadening, Dynamat takes it all.

FatMat comes from Asphalt, and its thickness allows you to cut through it with ease. Of course, with FatMat, people are reporting good results that’s why I did include the product on this list.

But don’t forget the main issue with Asphalt-based mats; not being able to stand extremely high temperatures. And FatMat has the same problem.

If overheated, it leaks down and can mess your vehicle terribly. So try not to subject it under higher temperatures, even during installation.

Interestingly though, you can only install FatMat on the surface of your vehicle by applying heat so that it sticks. This task is not the loveliest.

Compared to the Dynamat, FatMat is way cheaper than the legendary Dynamat products. But definitely not cheaper than my best recommendation, Noico.

In cold temperatures, where the temperature never crosses above 30 degrees Celsius, FatMat becomes the best fit. No problems of quick degradation as in hotter temperatures.

The cost of fitting a full car including the doors may be about $310. This is not expensive provided the amount of quid you are supposed to splash for dynamat.

4.     Kilmat

Among all these, Kilmat (Check Price)  is the most unpopular on this list. The sound deadener is 80-Millimeter-thick and is a butyl-based product as well.

This thickness makes Kilmat become very effective in reducing noise and vibrations. It is incredibly one of the best when it comes to handling high heat levels.

This is because of the butyl component. With that in mind, expect this material to be stable even in temperatures as high as 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

In many Kilmat reviews, users have been reporting one similar problem to Dynamat – cutting. It may pose a few challenges during the cutting process.

Which means that it would take you more time and effort to work with this mat than others apart from Dynamat.

However, this is not an issue that can make you not to purchase it. You can also avoid this stress by purchasing the precut version so that you only do cutting a bit.

This product is way cheaper compared to the Dynamat. Yet it’s strong and comes with a long-lasting adhesive.

What is the Best Dynamat Alternative?

So, up to the end, what is the best dynamat alternative?

Having looked at the different characteristics i.e. thickness, heat resistance, and pricing, I am made to think that Noico so far is the best. This is not to downplay the other options mentioned alongside Noico.

The Noico brand is one of the best automotive sound deadening insulation you want to try out after Dynamat. In fact, the two mats tie in matters effectiveness.

Again on the part of pricing, Noico is relatively cheaper and wouldn’t break your bank. This is not the case of Dynamat that will have to milk your pockets properly ($2 per square foot for Noico and $5 per square foot for Dynamat).

During installation, people often find working with Noico much easier as compared to the Dynamat brand. First, cutting through it is simple and fast even though Dynamat is less thick.

Here are Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dynamat Alternative

Now that Dynamat has set the bar high, the product you want to have as the best alternative has to have some of the best quality sound deadening properties.

You absolutely want to keep in mind the following things:

  • Thickness

As a golden rule, the thickness of a material is what qualifies whether that product can be great for sound deadening or not. In other words, the thicker the material, the better the sound insulation is going to be.

Since Dynamat has an 85-mil thickness, you want to ensure that the next best alternative has somewhat the same thickness. If you want to eliminate noise effectively.

Thus, you might consider a general thickness of 80-mil.

  • Total Area Covered

It is important that you buy the sound deadening mat with enough coverage. The mat should handle a large area of your car.

Dynamat is known to be the impressive pick when it comes to offering ample coverage. Of course, this makes it an expensive option, but there’s an absolute value in it.

However, do not overbuy. It will only lead to wastage.

  • Heat Resistance

Ensure that the alternative sound deadener is also resistant to heat. Mostly, you want to consider butyl products which can withstand high temperatures.

This property also makes your automotive soundproofing mat stay longer. High heat resistance means durability and the converse is true.

Usually, Asphalt mats are perhaps more useful in cold areas where the materials won’t be subjected to hot temperatures.

  • Price

Another key reason for going for an alternative to Dynamat is their prices. Most of them are cheaper compared to Dynamat products.

Noico, FatMat, and HushMat are all cheaper than Dynamat. Yet, they provide some of the best sound deadening results.

Although value is directly proportional to higher prices, you shouldn’t be fooled that the options other than Dynamat won’t be up to the task.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is not just all about Dynamat. There are many other good alternatives that can go in its place when it matters.

I know that Dynamat is a true household name in the automobile industry for many, many decades now. But, the likes of Noico (recommended as the best dynamat alternative), HushMat and Kilmat have emerged as true competitors.

These mats also provide an exceptional level of car soundproofing. And their prices are not anything near what you give to buy Dynamat products.

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