Bed Frames that Don’t Squeak – Quiet Bed Frame

How it fills when the bed frame squeaks cannot be something to even imagine. Such a bed can embarrass a nobleman and derail a reputable couple’s image.bed frames that don't squeak

Of course when the daylight comes.

Bed frames that don’t squeak would, however, save you the blushes. You can keep smashing and sprawling across the surface without thinking “I have to do it carefully.”

After all, you are dead asleep and everything is set in the background mode. Are you tired of this life with a bed frame that keeps squeaking to wake up your younger ones and the nosy neighbor?

I have come to help you out. This article tackles the quiet bed frame options that will amaze you and heal you of the sickening sounds of a squeaky frame.

These frames come with great structural composition and sturdiness. Remember you want to be guaranteed stability and maximum support as you snooze.

Here we go.

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Why Do Bed Frames Squeak?

The biggest culprit for bed frame squeaks is loose joints. This applies whether it’s a metal frame or a wooden bed frame – so basically all bed frames.

The loose joints develop when bolts undo and loosen up. This frees up the frame and the result is just uncalled for, the joints rub against each other, and therefore, squeaks.

For metal frame beds, the squeaks could emanate from the friction between the springs and the metal of the bed.

Another pertinent reason could be the broken bed slats. On rare occasions but trust me it does happen (uneven floors can cause the bed to be uneven) and this might just be the reason for that squeak.

Sometimes if the frame rubs against the wall during certain movements on the bed, you can also expect these irritating noises. Lastly, a loose headboard can also be noisy so make sure it’s in good position.

Here’s Why You Will Need the Bed Frame that Doesn’t Squeak

If you want to sleep in peace and not be ripped into pieces, you’ve got to change your squeaky bed. This bed frame allows you to turn around and roll about just fine.

No queer sounds will be produced. And this is super important for your overall comfort in bed.

I don’t know of a person who’d just take it lightly and feel okay with squeaks as they try to gather up some nap. So, this comfort then makes your whole body and mind refreshed and relaxed.

Whatever comfier position you will want to plunge yourself into is achievable without sacrificing your quiet.

Another department to thank a bed frame that doesn’t get squeaky at night is when you just want to get frisky with your partner. It gives you all the peace and time you want.

This is an absolute contrast to a noisy bed frame that “squeak squeak” to make sure that all other members under the same roof guess the goings-on in your space. You don’t want your neighbor to dive their noses in your private affairs.

A squeak-free bed frame is quite vital to help your small children have a good night’s sleep. If the squeakiness persists, it’s not going to be long until they wake up every other moment of the night.

Also, enjoy your newly-bought, high-performance memory foam mattress you just acquired to improve your sleeping experience. If the pesky sound gets in the way somewhere, you won’t be any near the perfect rest and sleep.

A well-constructed bed frame makes you sleep like a baby. You can shift from the end of the bed to another without even a hint of queer sound.

A platform that gets you on a difficult job of laying stiff as a board in one place is not something to be happy about. Eventually, it will not turn out great for you.

Different Types of Bed Frames that Don’t Squeak.

As you will come to learn, there’s no shortage of designs, styles, and types of non-squeaky bed frames on the market. Irrespective of what you are looking for, you will be able to find metal frames, wood frames, among others.

1.     Standard Metal Bed Frame

Metal frames are becoming an important part of the furniture in modern homes, although they are not outdoing the wooden frames from the scene just yet.

Known as versatile and relatively lightweight footprints, they usually blend into space to give a contemporary look.

Construction-wise, the bed frame comes with a head, foot, and side rails. Then sometimes, there can be additional support rails and slats.

The most used material is steel which makes these beds very durable. The steel frames also don’t surge, bend or warp.

These beds are sturdy and lift the mattress from the floor. The metal frames should be installed with springs to support the mattress.

The SLEEPLACE 18 Inch High Profile Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame is a full bed that has sturdy slats to offer full support to the mattress and the person sleeping over.

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2.     Wooden Bed Frame

A quiet bed that comes with a wood platform frame is simply the people’s choice. That’s to say that it is the best bed building material and can give you some of the most decorative pieces ever.

Wood bed frames offer solid support for mattresses. And at the same time adds to the bedroom aesthetics, which are key for a smooth life inside these spaces.

Besides being stylish, the beds are quite durable and can come in a variety of designs depending on what preferences top your lists.

There are those wood frames with support slats, those with an-all-sided support frames, wood mission beds, four-post bed frames, etc.

Ecos Living 14-Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame boasts of a unique structure with a contemporary touch to it. With strong pinewood slats on its base, you don’t need to worry about the support below.

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  • Unique design - the frame encloses the mattress to prevent slipping.

3.     Adjustable Bed Frame

The adjustable bed frame can switch positions to suit the shape of your sleeping, reading, or watching TV. The top and bottom parts of the mattress are lifted to get you into these positions.

It’s flexible and durable in structure. The only thing you want to make sure is that the mattress you buy for it can fit without problems.

This is a very expensive bed so you will need to flex your financial muscles.

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4.     Folding Bed Frame

Folding bed frames that don’t make noise can be an interesting addition to your bedroom. They are not permanent structures per se.

Being comfortable, functional and classy, this bed frame has become a trademark style given that it can be folded into half and kept away with ease.

Compared to the other beds, these frames are mostly lightweight and are used in guest bedrooms, and hotels.

The folding bed frames usually come with mattresses already affixed. And this is one of the biggest differences and advantages of these beds over the other packs.

The Zinus Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed comes with great extra features and is able to not only fold into half but also allow for easy storage in an included bag.

The bed is therefore the portable design any sojourner would want to have.

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5.     Platform Bed Frame

This is a raised horizontal level solid frame with wooden slats or latticed structure that’s meant to support the mattress.

Usually, the platform is constructed to be sturdy for great stability. It also comes with adequate ventilation for the mattress itself.

The platform bed has undergone a number of transformations before it became what it is today. It is a budget-friendly bed frame with great comfort and can be found in a wide range of designs.

This Ziyoo Wooden Slats Platform Bed Frame is not only noise-free, but also sturdy and stronger to support the mattress well. It’s available in different dimensions for your choice.

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Things to Look for When Buying the Quiet Bed Frame.

Ending the ‘squeak squeak’ sounds of your old bed is pretty easy. But it has to find a good start.

You must be able to choose wisely. And in case you are not finding it smooth on your side already, here are quick factors to consider when buying the bed frames that don’t squeak.

  • Size 

The best bed frame should not fall short on size. The bed should be large or spacious enough to fit the mattress comfortably.

The bed frame should accommodate your stature and another person, at the same time, without any problem.

Size is of great importance, especially for a couple who will without a doubt need extra space for the two of them.

Therefore, ensure that you check the dimensions of the bed with an interest to have it accommodate the two of you. Quiet bed frames can exist in different sizes namely king, queen, and full sizes.

  • Material 

The material used to craft the bed is going to be key for the long stay of your bed. If you want long-lasting bed frames, you may want to try out metal platforms or structures.

Steel frames, particularly, do not break easily or bend or warp. This means that you will have an extended usage of such a bed.

When it comes to wooden frames, you can be sure to get the best of designs and styles that fit the modern decor in many homes today. Wooden bed frames are normally known to curve into elegant finishes.

The fact that wood is rust free and when treated cannot be bored by associated insects, makes them durable. The wood frames are heavier but stronger and more stable.

  • Style

You don’t want to overlook the style of your bed as it so much does influence the overall look of your bedroom. For people who do not want to gamble on their choices of the quietest bed frames, I recommend that you compliment your room.

What this means is that let your choice of frame bode with the layout of the room. There are many styles out there; traditional, contemporary, modern and many more.

  • Noise Level

I’d objectively recommend a quick switch of bed frames if your bed keeps unleashing the pesky sounds all night long! It can get tough especially for sexually active people.

The action is mixed down the lane of squeaks and embarrassing tones with every single move made. If you are having family and friends under the same roof, you want to keep your name intact.

There is no chance for a mess. But you can only achieve this state if the bed is quiet so that whatever you undertake is not sending private signals of bed secrets.

  • Sturdiness

The perfect bed frame is not just the one that doesn’t release tones. It’s also supposed to be sturdy and therefore stable.

It should keep in one place. In this state of things, the bed won’t keep embarrassing you at odd times.

I know how annoying it becomes for the bed to keep sliding away from the wall. With a little extra support, the bed does not move just anyhow.

Talking about bed frame supports, look for 6 or more leg supports. The bed slats should be strong and flexible – they do add that much-needed sturdiness.

  • Price 

The priority of all things is price. It is important for one to inspect the price range of bed frames before settling one particular bed.

The price of a given model is dependent on certain factors such as its construction, design, materials, extra features among many other things.

If you are willing to spend the bank on the high-end noiseless bed frame design, you will definitely get what you want. But just remember, keep it within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do all metal bed frames squeak?

Not all metal frames are squeaky. I know that the slightest movement of a toe can cause a ripple around the whole house if the metal frame is a junk.

Something else to note is the type of metal used on the frame. Usually, the heavy duty steel metals finished with a powder coat may just do fine.

How can I make my metal bed frame less squeaky?

But in case there’s a hint of the squeaks, be sure to apply a suitable lubricant where fasteners connect. The parts that rub against each other should be lubricated.

Look for the joints and tighten a few screws and bolts using a screwdriver or wrench respectively.

The other pragmatic but rather old-fashioned method is to add padding on your bed frame’s slats. It can go a long way to help muff the problematic sounds.

How can I stop a wooden bed from squeaking?

Make sure that all screws and loose bolts are tightened. The other thing, you can as well add a lubricant after removing the bolts and screws.

If the washers are metallic, remove them and replace with plastic ones. What will happen is that the metal will rub against plastic instead of another metal surface.

In conclusion

If you want your night to be quiet for a peaceful sleep, you have two major options: buy the bed frames that don’t squeak or alternatively find out how to quiet squeaky bed frame – there are quite a good number of them.

But my last quick thought is to ensure that the bed frame is sturdy for proper support. It should also be durable because it’s a huge investment.

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